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  1. I am in Albuquerque New Mexico I was actually Juan Tabo and Central store address is 1101 Tabo Northeast the manager’s name is jr. My wife and I were walking down from Smiths Grocery Store down Central my wife started to get sick behind your store between the drive-thru you have a couple of park benches with grass and he stayed well my wife sat there as I went in two by two large drinks my wife has been throwing up your manager when I walked out was telling my wife and she wouldn’t move that he would call the police if she wasn’t buying anything now I find that very disrespectful to my wife and I didn’t and something be done to his manager his name is jr. Now today is Saturday September 10th 2016 you can reach me at my phone at 505-267-7019 or get me on my email barbati Mario 329 at gmail.com I really wish and respectfully hope I get a reply from you all if I do not get a reply and nothing has been done to this man he’s not been reprimanded I will be forced to contact the local television news people and my attorney thank you very much for your time and cooperation hope to hear from you very soon thank you

  2. I have been going to your restaurant on Crenshaw since my son was 12 yrs, is now 26. There are two posters that you have in this store that are very troubling and I almost could not finish my meal the other day looking at them. It seems to show a prison environment with a hotdog looking at a magazine and it looks like his penis is showing, cartoon suggest someone like in a prison with other inmates and they look as if they have curiosity on their mind. It seems like the whole poster has to do with a prison set up and I find it appallg and disturbing specially in the area Crenshaw predominantly african american. I called your main office in Irvine and filed a telehone concern also sent them an email with the pholtos of the posters. I find them very offensive.please consider my concern and i will await any reply regarding your response.

  3. Yes i was at ur roswell newmexico location tonite my order was not filled properly tryed calling back at 9pm tonite line was busy my chk number is 312 total of 22.88 i live aprox 15 mils north of the locatoin when i got home my chili dogs had no chees or onion like i ordered yet i was charged for it i have my recipit id like to knw what will be done about this it will be the 3rd time my order has been wrong and i am bringing it to attention contact me at gllehman50@gmail.com

  4. I would like to make a comment about the Wienerschnitzel located in Long Beach off of Artesia Boulevard I stopped by thinking I would get a cup of coffee being a disabled American Veteran I lost most of my intestines in Vietnam I needed to use the restroom when I had required about using the restroom they told me the key was stolen for 3 weeks this Rises an interesting red flag how do they use the restroom and the most important is how do they wash their hands this really lifted a red flag I’m not sure that I would want to stop at a Wienerschnitzel again now maybe they have rules on their bathroom policy and didn’t want to tell me but it would have been better to explain that fact to me instead of me thinking the worst I’m not homeless and I’m not a vagrant I was just a simple customer that felt rejected but I really don’t think that’s the case I really believe the lack of management responsibilities having a duplicate key also shows a lack of concern to their business their people and their customers

  5. Eating at store #768 and bought a chilli cheese burger, chilli cheese fries and chilli cheese dog.
    The chilli cheese fries were only half full. I asked to at least double the cheese and chilli and I’d pay the difference. They wanted to charge me for 2 sides of chilli and 2 sides of cheese.
    When you buy food, you expect to get what you pay for.
    If it’s the new policy to rip off customers and serve half orders, maybe wienerschnitzel don’t need my patronage anymore.
    I’m disappointed.

  6. I live in Palmdale, CA and just went to the restaurant near my house. I ordered a big order; 3 $15 crowd pleasers. I have been going there for 9 years and never have a problem at all, until tonight. There was barely any chili on my chili cheese dogs and I spent over $64+ like I do every 3-4 months. I have pictures to show how dry these chili cheese dogs are and want to know what will be a good resolution to this problem? I am check number 590

  7. I went to store # 633, order # 10, w/three chili dogs, 3 corn dogs, 3 fries, and small coke. Got to register, the girl could not ring up order, had no idea what I order. Then final the worker that was in charge gave her order. Then she adds ice cream cone by mistake, so she had re ring up again. Then final corrected it. Then get my order, as am driving home. Mind you I was the only customer, in line.I checked I looked to make sure , the order was all there, I had already left, well as you know . They forgot to put wiener’s in buns for Chile dogs for all 3 of them. I was upset, I looking forward to it. So, bring back the bag to the team leader, I ask, as I get to the window, is this what you serve your customers ? Off course they all laughed as gave the bag and showed the Wiener’s missing only had chili sauce then. I requested a refund left the bag and coke with on counter .The cashier started mouthing back at me telling me throw trash and talking down to me, as if she was I in shouting match and repeating herself. I asked for managers number they refused to give to me then the leader was credited back the card . As he was up upset and angry at me, then throwing my card out the window with the receipt, while he slammed the window shut. As tried open it. I asked girl for the phone number of manager, all three again refused to give it to me phone number, then they close the window again. I had horrible experience, I will never go back. I was long time customer from California, move to Texas , it only spot reminded of California. Thanks to those three that were working at store 633, at 10: 11pm 3/8/2018, I never return. They all have no customer service skills, no resgister skills, no people skills, I know they need a job, but have work for it. I definitely will write or call corporate office. I be following up to have these three suspended or fired. I could not believe how they were talking to me. Honestly, they should be all be let go. They really do know what they were doing, there was no organization. This was worst and ugliest experience I ever had at a restaurant / fast food place. I’ll be sure to make public.

  8. I used to work for wienerschnitzel and after the yesrs ive been with them was a total hell. I worked my hours that was provided also worked xtra shift that wasnt required. I was threatened by x employees and the owner didnt do anything but to fired me bc of my rude comments towards other employees. So i believe the owere shouldnt have let me go because of it. I worked 3 weeks 7 days straight. At a job your required 2 days off … I would like this to stop. I worked in lubbock tx.

  9. Just the other day I went and got an order with your coupon #357(chili cheese burger, chili cheese dog, chili cheese fries for $4.99). Its my favorite coupon of your and a shame only one comes on the sheet, but that’s a different story. Anyways I went to my normal location, 1400 E Noble Visalia, CA 93292. I’ve always had great service and no complaints there, but this time, the chiliburger bun was noticeably stale. Because of this unusual result, I filled out the customer feedback on the receipt, stating that was the only problem I had(which it was) and my disappointment. I asked to be contacted just so I knew my comment was seen.

    By the next day, I had heard back from the shift manager Austin. He was very apologetic about the situation. He offered me a free replacement of my meal, with a soda, upon my next visit. He apologized a number of times while also thanking me for the feedback so they could improve. Two days later now, today Thursday 8/16/18, I went through the drive through to get my meal. The Store Manager, I believe his name was Toynon(sp, I’m sorry, I forgot it), was working the window and recognized me as I’m a fairly regular customer. He was very apologetic, but then also very thankful to me for informing them of that. He pointed out how important quality is. I told him I could see that as I’ve never had a complaint before, and wasn’t trying to ruffle any feathers, just felt let down. He reassured me not to worry about anyone getting in trouble, that its a learning experience, and apologized again while thanking me for my business, and even offered me an ice cream while I waited along with extra coupons. He then shook my hand and thanked me for criticism as I left.

    I have to tell you, both of your managers made me a bigger fan of your place than I already am. I’ve never had any problems at this location with any employee, I’ve always found everyone very friendly and helpful every visit. Most remember me for my rather large dog I let ride in the back seat of my car and compliment her. I felt really bad giving a negative review, but from the response of your managers, I’m more than confident not only myself, but any other customer here won’t encounter that same problem. Both of these managers should be commended for the above and beyond example that they went in not just apologizing for my subpar chiliburger, but in thanking me as well for pointing out the mistake to correct. Your company has some special people working at this Visalia location, and I think they get it from these two great managers. The two of them have definitely insured a patron for life.

  10. I go to the location in NoHo on Laurel Canyon occasionally. Many times I have specifically asked for extra catsup and each time they ignore me and there barely any on the hotdog. Can someone explain why they refuse to accommodate this request? Is there a catsup shortage, can they not grasp English well enough or are they bound by some limit and cannot ever take one extra step for a customer? It’s such a simple request that other restaurants have no issue with. Can someone call them on the phone and tell them to start doing this?

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