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Tuff Shed Corporate Head Office Contact Details

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  • +1-(866)-860-8833, +1-(303)-753-8833, +1-(303)-474-5652– customer support phone number of Tuff Shed
  • Click here – customer support email address of Tuff Shed

Tuff Shed Corporate Headquarters Location:

  • Address: Tuff Shed, Inc., 1777 South Harrison Street, Suite 600, Denver, Colorado 80210, United States
  • Telephone Number: +1-(866)-860-8833, +1-(303)-753-8833, +1-(303)-474-5652
  • Fax Number: +1-(303)-782-5027
  • Email Address: NA

Tuff Shed Official Website: www.tuffshed.com

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  1. was looking forward to my Tuff Shed. Saved my money and visited your Fresno, CA store. My experience was very positive and the salesman was wonderful. I was told that everything would be completed by May. This was great! Then it started raining and didn’t let up. No worries, storm repair and flood damage repairs were priorities. Finally, the plans were approved and the building permit was issued. The concrete was poured, approved and construction was ready to start in June. A bit behind schedule, but not that bad. Then things turned bizarre. The crew was late arriving to start construction. I was told that they had to detour to another highway to avoid the CHP weigh station. Apparently the trailer was not properly licensed. So construction finally started. Day one was not positive. After the walls and roof were put on, a construction member noticed that the anchor bolts were too short. So construction halted and I was called by the foreman and told that the concrete had to be ripped out and I had to start over. This was unacceptable, partically since the building inspector and a Tuff Shed employee approved the site prior to construction. Your foreman had to be told to fix the problem and go forward by me and my husband . This took another two months. It turned out that nothing was mentioned on the plans that the concrete contractor followed that were blessed by the county and your company.
    Sadly, the foreman would not speak to me only my husband. I found this to be disrespectful and unprofessional. I picked the building, signed the contract and paid your company. (My husband got in trouble with me for allowing this outrageous behavior. He had to tell the foreman more than once to speak to me.)
    In late August, construction resumed, more than nine months after I signed the contract. Then things got worse. I should have halted construction at this point, but I wanted the job completed. I visited the Fresno office to see when my shed was going to be completed since no one was communicating with me. Painting started, but the building was not completely caulked nor the windows or trim were taped off. The stain was rolled on. What a slop job. Stain on the windows and trim, the stain was applied unevenly with drips and runs everywhere. I was deeply disappointed. Another three weeks passed and the crew returned to finish up. Another mess. When you apply a second coat of stain, the color intensifies and deepens. The rest of the building was caulked, but white caulk meant the new coat of stain didn’t cover the white caulk and it bled through. Of course, the windows and trim were not taped an protected. More stain was slipped on these surfaces. The worker wiped caulk from his hand on the trim. More uneven stain application, runs and drips everywhere. Stain was dropped on the concrete. Of course, I was called when the foreman pulled the worker from my job to another job. I was still optimistic when I got home and was devasted and furious and what I found. One bucket of stain was left open with a roller still the bucket holding the lid Partically open. The bucket was closed, but the dirty brush and rollers were left on the floor and still wet with stain.
    I called your company and issued another complaint and fired your company. The next morning the foreman called me. However, he told me to hang on while he hollered at someone. I hung up as I was at work. I called him back at my break. Now he wants to know what he do to fix the problem. I fired your company a second time in 24 hours. Two weeks after this, I drove to your Fresno site and paid the final bill. I believe in bonding contracts. Something I am not convinced is important to your staff at the Fresno site.
    I want to mention that your salesman’s, Rufino, is a class act. I contacted him many times during the bulk and its disastrous conclusion. Also Tara did a fabulous job communicating helping me.
    Now I have a shed that is a mess. I will have to remove the caulking, repaint the walls and trim. The clean the windows. Finally, the stain, brushes and rollers will need to be disposed of at my expense.
    I have plans for more outbuildings, but I will contract with your competitor or a private contractor.


    A very frustrated and unsatisfied client.

  2. I wish I had seen your post before contracting with Tuff Shed to put in a building for me. Communication from the company is nonexistent, the company does not keep up with county building code changes, they have ripped off the shingles so my building sits open (for a week now) and still no inspector has shown up. We are doing our own painting, which from your experience and my neighbor’s experience is the way to go.

    I ordered this building in Sept. 2017, hoping to be set up and sewing quilts by now, and still we wait.

    There is another Tuff Shed on our property that the previous owner had put in in 2011. They had a great experience, I have talked to the daughter several times about it, which is why I chose Tuff Shed for my studio. Never again.

    We live in Denver, CO so I see this as a company wide issue. In a few minutes I am calling their headquarters to talk to someone who can answer my questions. Good luck in the future with outbuildings.

  3. I thought that Tuff Shed was a reputable company. It appears they are no different than everyone else. On 6/16/2018 I purchased a tiff shed from the Fort Myers location on S Cleveland Ave. I decided to let Tuff Shed do the permitting form as I had never done it and was sure they could get it done quicker than I could. I was told by the sales person, Leroy Lane, that because Miami had taken over the permitting, it might take a couple of weeks. I also paid an additional $250 for this. After a month with no notifications, I started calling, starting with the sales person. He gave me the Miami number. When I called I was told that the person that worked on the permitting was out. When I reached her today she told me she had just received the paperwork and added a list of reason of why it had not yet been done and could give me no idea of when it might be done. I do not understand how a company that deals in these issues every day could take this long. Can someone tell when I will get my shed. I ponied up the money immediately, you should deliver in a timely manner.

  4. Omg!! Wish I’d have seen these prior to spending $25k of our hard earned money…. on what? Well I don’t know, ordered in April 2018, still haven’t broke ground!! Get the same B.S. about permits IF they happen to be in the office at all… most of the time I get the auto out of office reply from multiple contacts!! I want to cancel this shed, but you Think I can get a hold of anyone without more smoke to blow up my tailpipe?? Noooooo!!!

  5. It would have been nice to have the information on what to expect before the materials were delivered for my garage. Amy Molofy, Tuff Shed scheduler sent the information to my work e-mail address instead of my personal e-mail, which led to a delay in accessing the information. In addition, the information on wood waning was sent to me after I complained about the materials that were dropped off. And after Amy told me that I was not buying a show garage! Thankfully I was home to oversee the build.

    However, that is besides the point. It does not excuse the attitude of Mark Gilliam, Field Superintendent or the Mark Nelson GM on the quantity of their builds being more important than the quality of the current build and their customers satisfaction. Everything could have been easily resolved if the sections I viewed as unsatisfactory were replaced; damaged man door, some a few damaged, dry rot trusses, cracked header. and a few damaged walls and trim with wet paint that was thrown in the dirt.

    The Superintendent stated that some waning is to be expected, that they would replace the door that was damaged during shipment and repaint the trim and garage walls without sanding it. That said, additional damage; cracks and chips in the wood, were made when the laborers threw the materials on the ground, He told me that he does not make the wood, or inspect the materials that are delivered to the shop. He also stated that he does not have time to inspect the hundreds of garages and sheds that are built every day. And that his laborers do not have time to pick through wood that is delivered to select the best wood for every job.

    When I asked the GM what he could do to make it right. he said they could replace the damaged door but nothing more. So I told them to come and pick up the materials and not proceed with the build the build!

    When I spoke to the GM, he basically said “Oh well.” That will be a 15% restocking fee.

    It is very disheartening that your Superintendent and GM are more interested in slapping things together just to make a quick buck. This is no pride in the quality of materials used or even interested in the best interest of their customer.

    Even though I am a single, disabled, elderly woman, I know a thing or two about construction and customer service.

    The only decent human being that I spoke with was the Sales Representative, Todd Hargrove. I am very disappointed! I was so looking forward to my Tuff Shed garage. If only they were little more compassionate and accommodating!

  6. I have a “tuff” time with TUFFSHED.
    We want to purchase a Shed that the basic shed cost around 56 thousand.
    Customer support sucks! Shane Olson my contact in Palmdale does not returning my emails for weeks. Maybe the company is so wealthy that they don’t need business anymore? I try to go online to get a phone number for the corporate office. Those numbers are strange . There is a mans voice saying I’m Adam. But who he is? There is nothing saying that this is Tuffshed. Try the link for the email, and that going to a third party website, that does not showing any association with Tuffshed.
    So anybody at Tuffshed want to sell, or I have to look for a competition?

  7. I had an extremely disappointing experience with Tuff Shed out of Milpitas California. As you would expect, the purchasing process was the easiest part of my experience. This shed was a gift from my wife for our 35th wedding anniversary. The day of the installation, a crew came out and completely rushed through the installation. I overheard the crew members talking about the door which was installed crooked and did not close properly. Upon further inspection, there were gaps in the floor in 3 of the 4 corners between the floor and walls. You can literally see the ground through these gaps. The Tuff Shed sign is obviously crooked along with the vent above it. I called many times including the General Manager whose phone number was provided in the letter with the paperwork. This individual did not respond to my calls once. I was told many times when my calls were answered that I would receive a call back from the GM. That never happened. Finally, I received a response from the original salesman who immediately scheduled an appointment to come out and take a look. He arrived, inspected the building and informed me that he would make sure a crew came out and make things right. The crew came out and did the best they could. The crew commented on how the walls were made too wide which caused the gaps in the floor, and they could not believe the door was installed so poorly. They went on to say that this was happening frequently. They dismantled the walls, tried to cut them to fit and reassembled the walls. They had to trim the door frame at the base which left cut marks in the floor and they hacked the threshold which no longer covers the floor area between the door frame. I continued to call the GM without a response.Again, I reached out to the salesman who responded quickly by making sure I received a call from the GM. The GM requested to come out so he could see first hand. He arrived 1/2 hour late with a superintendent who was wearing a Tuff Shed shirt which says Get it right the first time on the back. The GM was insistent that the shed was fine and tried to disregard the extremely poor craftsmanship. This gentlemen has no idea what customer service or quality craftsmanship is about. The GM stated that he would send another crew out to make repairs. Are they going to be wearing shirts that say “Get it right the 3rd time”? Anyway, I told the GM that I did not want to pay for such a poor product and that I went with Tuff Shed due to what I believed would be a quality product. I told him I would keep the shed with no further payment. I owe $1800.00. Or, I receive a new shed which is constructed properly and pay the full price or I want my money back and he can take the shed. His response was that “That’s not gonna happen”. I then told him that I refuse to pay 100% of the original price for not receiving 100% of the product I expected. After insisting that I was not paying the full price, he agreed to knock off $500.00. Today has been 3 weeks since he came by and there has been no resolution. I received a call 2 days ago from the salesman asking if he could invoice me for the remainder of the balance. I informed him that the final repairs were not completed per the agreement between the GM and myself. The salesman was not aware that I was waiting for final repairs. Great communication internally by the GM. I am not surprised at all. I totally regret going with Tuff Shed at this point. I see the commercial with the woman drinking lemonade after her shed is constructed. I want my lemonade. I want to be happy with my shed. $3800.00 for garbage. I also see that Tuff Shed advertises locally on channel 7. I intend to contact 7 On Your Side with Michael Finney in hopes he can get some results. I did find out that the installers are paid per installation not by the hour. This makes sense now as to why it was a rat race to get it installed. I cannot emphasize enough how disappointed I am with this experience. The shed was installed on September 5th. Here we are on October 26th. This is a long way from being over.

  8. Everything in the previous comments applies to my situation. Some of the details might of changed but by and large, this is my story as well. From trying to scam me out of extra $7000, abandoning the job site/project to losing my check for final payment to not being able to get this structure they engineered past inspection, this is a company of incompetents, imbeciles and know-nothings.
    It has cost me $900 to threaten a lawsuit over the $7000 and now I’m prepared to do it again for abandonment and non-performance. If a corporation ever needed a class lawsuit Tuff Shed is the one.

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