Thriftbooks Customer Service Number | Office Address, Toll Free Helpline Number, Email ID

Thriftbooks Customer Service Number | Office Address, Toll Free Helpline Number, Email ID, Website and contact phone number is listed below with Thriftbooks registered, payment, mailing and postal office address, telephone numbers, fax number, customer support number, email id and other related contact information of Thriftbooks.

If you are searching customer support phone number of Thriftbooks or Thriftbooks 1-800 contact numbers and toll free 1-800 phone numbers Thriftbooks; so, as this page we are providing the full contact details of Thriftbooks customer service department. The customers can find Thriftbooks customer contact numbers with reference of the official website. Through which any users can easily contact to the Thriftbooks customer service department concerning all kinds of information and inquiries regarding Thriftbooks online order, status, payments, account, etc.

Thriftbooks Customer Service Contact Details

The customers who want to share their feedback and reviews with the Thriftbooks can use the various contact modes we are sharing in this article. In case of having queries, complaint, suggestion, enquires regarding Thriftbooks, the customers can use the customer support anytime listed below.

Thriftbooks Customer Care Phone Number: 1-888-979-1408, 844-889-9385

Thriftbooks Customer Service Email ID: Click Here

Thriftbooks Corporate Headquarters HQ Office Address:

  • Address: Thrift Books Global LLC, 18300 Cascade Avenue South, Suite 150, Seattle, WA 98188, United States
  • Telephone Number: N/A
  • Fax Number: N/A

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Thriftbooks Official Website:

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15 thoughts on “Thriftbooks Customer Service Number | Office Address, Toll Free Helpline Number, Email ID”

  1. Hazel M. Kassebaum

    I just spent over an hour picking out approx $50.00 worth of books only to be told that although my credit card info (which is on file since I am a regular customer) is not valid anymore because the CVV “is not a valid number for that kind of card”. Nevertheless, THAT is what it is, and although it is probably different now that I have received my new card with the chip on it, the number is the same as before, even if the CVV IS different. I want those books, so how can I fix this? My phone is 928-592-2535.

  2. I don’t like that I can’t speak to a person!!! I thought I would try this out but it’s been giving me nothing but problems to order. I don’t know if it charged me or not

  3. I am having the same problem as Ms Kassebaum with the CVV. I have been trying to checkout(purchase) three books for over four days and now one book that I really wanted has been removed and, I fear that the other two will also be removed.

    It is clear that this company does not know what it is doing. It will not mend its problems even people take the time and effort to write in and explain to them.

    If they can not willing to do so but instead dissatisfy loyal customers, then people should seek seek other vendors, even if it cost slightly higher. Good service is worth more.

  4. I do not own any charge cards. I have ordered paperbacks from you before using a gift card. I have just tried placing an order from you for $33.65 with a mastercard gift card. However it will not go through because it says that the zip code is wrong. I was using my address zip code. What can I do!!

  5. I am having a similar problem to Hazel M Kasenbaum,. I too have an order over $50.00 – $53.34 to be exact – but instead of the CVV number causing the system to not process the order it is telling me that I don’t know my own zip code – which, since I have lived here for several years, I am quite certain that I DO IN FACT KNOW MY ZIP CODE. It is very frustrating not being able to speak to a live person about this. When you call the corporate phone number the recorded message tells you in one sentence that employees of can neither make nor receive phone calls. But then in the very next sentence tells me that if I know my order number I can leave a voice mailand someone will return my call regarding the order. Well, DUH, my problem is that checkout will note let me finish placing my order and give me an order number because it thinks I am lying about where I live.

    Me thinks Suzy has the right idea in reporting this company to the BBB for having such pisspoor – oops make that NONEXISTANT – customer service.

  6. I have been on your website many times and made many purchases. For some reason I go to the official website and it pulls up but that’s all. It won’t let me go any further to log in or click on anything. I guess it isn’t fully loaded. I have tried for two days. Could you tell me what to do and what the problem is asap? Thank you very much.

  7. Shirley Brownell

    I tried very simply to order a book. Started a new member account, entered my choice and proceeded to checkout. At checkout a window came down wanting to verify my shipping address. It did not completely show the address nor did it show a
    place to verify it. Therefore, we never got to complete the order, i.e., I had no way to enter the credit card info.
    Apparently I am missing something.!
    Thank you.

  8. Hi there!
    I just order a few books order #5859099. When I received my confirmation email the ship to address shows Diana Lopez Lopez 1967 2219 Turtle Creek Dr Missouri City, TX 77459. I have no idea where the Lopez 1967 came from, just wanted to let you all know before you all shipped my books to the wrong address:
    The correct address is:Diana Lopez 2219 Turtle Creek Dr Missouri City, TX. Please make sure that it is shipped to this address. Please notify me to let me know that you have received this email.
    Thank you ,
    Diana Lopez

  9. I am very displeased with the handling of my order I have tried for several weeks to get the concordance I ordered instead I was sent another book under that order number the book was returned all I want is my lStrong’s exhaustive concordance Not The Classic Edition. All of this took place at the beginning o February I do have all of the info that was supplied

  10. I ordered a book from Thriftbooks. It was advertised for $4.60. They deducted $59.40 from my credit card. What can I do?

  11. you don’t know how to run a decent semi good store.I waited weeks for my books and they never showed up I found out later that for some odd reason they had a problem with the address I spent 75 dollars on nothing and you’re so pathetic you can’t even admit to your mistake .

  12. Although I am leaving a brief comment on this site just to be thorough, I will directly contact by snail-mail corporate administrative personnel including Mike Ward and Daryl Butcher. They need to know the specifics of what has been occurring in their business that they built with their own blood, sweat and tears. I will open the gate to that readily-available information.

  13. Now that I see your “auto-reply” to my above message I realize that what I have written will not be “approved.” That’s cool. You can’t intercept a letter in the US Mail.

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