Lucky Supermarkets Corporate Headquarters, Office Address, Phone Number, Email ID

Lucky Supermarkets Corporate Headquarters is located in Modesto, California, United States. With the Lucky Supermarkets customer service office or head office address, here we are sharing customer support number of Lucky Supermarkets, and Lucky Supermarkets mailing, postal address, telephone, fax number, official web page and related details.

The corporate head office address of Lucky Supermarkets or headquarters (HQ) location of Lucky Supermarkets is given with the Lucky Supermarkets helpline office contact number, email id, and customer service phone number of Lucky Supermarkets and other details to connect you with Lucky Supermarkets corporate headquarters.

Other than Lucky Supermarkets customer service number or toll free helpline of Lucky Supermarkets, mailing and postal office address of Lucky Supermarkets with official website and other important details can be found below. If you are looking how to contact with Lucky Supermarkets corporate headquarters office and customer service department, so you can use the below details to connect them for information, registering a complaint, career and job opportunities, give your review or suggestions.

Lucky Supermarkets Corporate Head Office Contact Details

The customer’s wish to contact Lucky Supermarkets corporate office for any business query or information can contact them using the contact details of Lucky Supermarkets corporate headquarters. The customers can also contact Lucky Supermarkets customer service phone number for sharing any issues they are having or in case of having any enquiry.

Lucky Supermarkets Customer Service Helpline Number:

For any help, support, information, queries, suggestions, complaints regarding Lucky Supermarkets products and services, the customers can contact to Lucky Supermarkets customer care service numbers, registered offices address, and contact numbers.

  • +1-(800)-692-5710, +1-(925)-833-6136, +1-(800)-287-6583– customer support phone number of Lucky Supermarkets
  • Click here – customer support email address of Lucky Supermarkets

Lucky Supermarkets Corporate Headquarters Location:

  • Address: Lucky Supermarkets, Post Office Box 4278, Modesto, California 95352, United States
  • Telephone Number: +1-(800)-692-5710, +1-(925)-833-6136, +1-(800)-287-6583
  • Fax Number: NA
  • Email Address: NA

Lucky Supermarkets Official Website:

The website mentioned above is the official web page of Lucky Supermarkets. The customers want to know more about Lucky Supermarkets company profile and history or the customers want to know the source of the information shared in this page can visit this website anytime.

Lucky Supermarkets Social Profiles:

Lucky Supermarkets Important Links:

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  1. I recently completed and online survey from a code on my receipt. After completing the survey I was offered a 5% discount on my next shopping trip. Today I was at the Pacific Grove, Ca store and picked up a case and a half of wine. After standing in line and going through the checkout I was told my transaction didn’t include the 5% discount. The clerk said that alcohol and tobacco was not included in the discount. NO WHERE on the receipt I got the code from did it state there was any type of exclusions. The conversation was embarrassing as other customers were listening and being held up in line. Unfortunately I had to leave the store without any items and now I feel like I can’t go back. It’s a shame because I’ve been shopping at that store for over 30 years.
    Regards, Steven Rodewald

  2. I came today to luckys located on bernal rd in san jose ca and was very very discusted with luckys manager Geene amd employer mike who didnt want to give me his name. They both made my visit one not to forget with there rude and disrespectful attitudes. They first profiled me as a thief and made racist remarkes towards me after the fact i put my items down not wanting to purchase them because of there disrespectful mouths. I was not going to give my bussiness to that store after there racist mouths saying. I was a tipical mexican who couldent afford my items anyways. Now i have a very sucessful bussiness and have more then enough money to purchase $30 worth of items..Geene first started following me and made me feel as though i did something wrong so i confronted him and he told me he can do what ever he wants he said see this badge i can do what ever i want and that was my problem to feel unconfertable. Then mike started telling me to give back the merchandise that i wanted to purchase but after asking him his name and hime refusing i didnt want to spend my money there. I always have problems when i come here and this is the closest store to my home but after today i would rather go the 6 miles to safeway where they know how to treat people kindle then dill with this type of unprofessional behavior. Who hires these people.
    Discusted victor.

  3. Hello!
    My name is Heidi Crues
    I put in an application on line about two weeks ago for a job at your Cleveland Ohio store.
    I would like to know my status, Everytime I call that store, I’m told haven’t heard from Cooperate yet.
    Is there anyway you could let me know something.
    Thank you!

    1. Heidi –
      Thank goodness you’re not from Rootstown – should be CrooksTown since Uncle Doug McHugh lives There. … that’s another subject.
      My Down Syndrome brother Mike {They treat him like a novelty or monkee, calling him Mikey though he’s in his 40’s} works at the Lucky’s in San Jose, Blossom Hill Road and Snell Ave. The Store Manager Steve Babcock was more into being my little Brother’s buddy than his Boss!!! When Mike got 2 complaints from customers for ASKING FOR TIPS – (One person went to another store to complain and the other called CORPORAT) – I said Mike should AT LEAST get a write-up. “They want to fire him but I’m fighting for his job! You need Income, Yes?” said their store manager.
      “It’s not like he’s paying for anything anyway! But yes, keeping his job for structure in his life is priority. Well shit, verbal warnings aren’t doing anything with him anymore*, so why don’t you take the next ‘normal step’ after a verbal warning? Which is what? A write-up?” I said.
      Store Manager Steve Babcock ‘agreed’.
      Days and days, and work shifts passed. After maybe a couple weeks I started asking both my Brother Mike McHugh and Store Manager Steve Babcock “What about the write-up? Any Update?”. . “No”, “No, Waiting for Corporate”, “No, nothing yet.”, “Waiting for Corporate.”, “No, nothing yet.” as my special needs, mentally challenged, Down Syndrome Brother opened the envelope with his paycheck he said “No – But I got a PAY INCREASE!!!”!!? WTF!?
      I called store manager, repeated what happened, and he said “everybody got a raise!!”. Completely clueless to the lesson he had just taught my brother.
      My point is, I Believe “WAITING TO HEAR BACK FROM CORPORATE” is just their lame excuse for “I’M NOT DOING SHIT”.
      Let’s hope so though, right? Wouldn’t it suck it CORPORATE really were that irresponsible?
      Heidi – Are you sure you REALLY want to work at this company?
      A bunch of Non-Truth Tellers?

      *Verbal Warnings weren’t having any influence any more because the STORE MANAGER wasn’t handling ‘in-house’ problems in-house, Steve was calling ME to handle it. “Can you talk to Mike about …”; “Mike took a . . . . “, etc. –
      When I tried to get ‘back-up’ from the store all I got was “Waiting for Corporate” too.

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