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Kraft Foods Group, Inc Headquarters Phone Number: 1-877-535-5666

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Kraft Foods Group, Inc Customer Service Help Center:         

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Kraft Foods Group, Inc Corporate Office Contact Information:

For any issues and problems regarding Kraft Foods Group, Inc products and services, you can visit or write to the head office of the Kraft Foods Group, Inc listed below.

Kraft Foods Group, Inc Corporate Head Office Address: The Kraft Heinz Company, Consumer Relations, Three Lakes Drive, Northfield, IL 60093, United States
Kraft Foods Group, Inc Corporate Head Office Phone Number: 1-877-535-5666
Kraft Foods Group, Inc Corporate Head Office Fax Number: N/A
Kraft Foods Group, Inc Corporate Head Office Email ID: Click Here
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  1. Not sure if I’m contacting the correct area, but I have an issue with one of the Kraft products I just bought and would like to inform someone. I’ve never had a problem with it before and thought Kraft may want to know about it. Thank you,

  2. Sick of seeing spanish speak on your F’n cheese commercials…Not ever going to buy your cheese anymore…BTW…your cheese is C R A P

  3. First-I can’t believe you will not accept emails!

    The lid on your honey mustard container, if turned up side down, allows product to accumulate. Then, when you open the lid to squeeze out honey mustard you have a mess. Check out lid on VALU Time 100% pure Honey and you’ll see what I mean. (I realize honey has a different consistency.

    Product bar code # 21000 0820. Please consider some change in your lids on squeeze bottles. (I don’t like leaving so much product in the bottle when it gets near empty and if the lid fills, it’s a mess.

  4. Whilst enjoying the many varieties of “Philly’ cheese would Kraft consider the possibilities of fruit flavoured ‘Philly’, say strawberry, blueberry, cherry, lemon and or many other flavour types?

  5. Earlier this year you started advertising your Mac and cheese contains no dyes. As long as your cheese sauce is orange it contains dyes. Which means you are false advertising and misleading the public.

  6. We enjoy your Stove Top Stuffing Mix but the large box is
    Too much for 2 people if you could make a smaller
    Packages we would buy it more often and not have as much waste–Thank You

  7. Found what I believe are cow veins in Delimex taquitos. Tried email my finding over 2 wks ago and no response. Have called 2 customer service numbers for craft that say they are closed during their “open times”. The other number hangs up on you when you press 0 to speak with a representative. I have the box and pictures of it. I want my money back and an explanation of how this 1 inch vein got into the product. So gross. Been trying to get ahold of someone but after 2 emails, 8 phone calls and no response back is crazy to me knowing how many people use this brand and no working number!!!

  8. Look at the Lable on the Product before you buy them from now on make sure they have a circle drawn around a U or K some times you see a Parve under it towards the side of the K or U which stand for kosher ceritfied the jewish federation certify food that kosher to try and observe the dietary laws laws leviticus11 duetronomy 28 &30 , Ten Commanmdent also according to the doctrine prinicple thats in jesus christ gospel good news putting on christ and off the sins of the flesh by the reading of the word to the renewing of your minds providing what that good and acceptiable will of God is , we grown up in christ form goodness unto righteousness unto holiness the law is holy just and good if we use it lawfully but if we say thats whats saved us we fallen from our faith that it is by grace through faith a free gift not of works! but our works do follow our faith nearer is our salvation then when we first believed , when we had sin we were free from righteousness , so the apostel in the new testament said so is the law evil , nay i had not known sin had it said thou shall not covet , so when i find a law sin revives and he dies , so is the law that makes death unto him evil God forbid the law is holy Just and Good so with his mind he serves the aw and his flesh sin oh who will save me from this body of death he said i thank God through Jesus Christ, I am fully pursuaded I can do nothing of my own self but all things through christ who strengthen me! when e had sin we were free form righteousness, so when he finds a law of God and he is praticing that sin he has a avocite through christ God propitation for sin of the whole world he can repent at the cross of christ and forsake that sin and bring forth fruit then thats meet for repentence not that needs to be repented on on a dialy bases is bringing for th fruit meet for repentence God is faithful and just to forgive us for that sin, and clease us from all the unrighteousenss thats the doctrine principle in the gospel good news great commission we have been sent with out unto the world to proclaim to save the last heal the sick raise the dead proclaim the gosples good news in christ under grace through fiaht our we saved not of ourselves it a free gift for all who recieve Christ as their lord and savior God will give them that askes him the earnestness of their inheritance christ bought for them through his cross finished works and sent us back the conforter that will take us into all truths the infilling of the Holy Ghost for as many as are lead by the holy Ghost these are the sons of God , the line on God came through adams son that cain brother that he didnt kill line of mose laws of God came through God told abraham he make him agreat nation and his seed would be as the sand of the sea ,when sarah didnt concieve she gave her bondmaid to abraham she concieve a son ishmale pharroahs grandson , Sarah was past menapause she concieved and bore isaac she sent out Hagar and her son saying the hier of an bondmaid wont beair with a free women , and abrahma was grived for the boy he heard God say to listen to his wife and abraham packed them up and sent them two out for them Hagar was out of water and cried in the wilderness god made water come out and they drank it , they went down to egypt where she took a wife for her son ishmale there , jesus line seed of the promise came through sarah mother of us all up above and free , not in bondage with her children muslium are in bondage with their children even unto today the law that they deeem they worth to keep they observe pedifilia child brides is a sin against Gods law it forbidden to marry a wife until she passed the flower of her age had her menastration Peiord cycles in the Holy Bible written number 1# her harmones make lubricated in order for sexual intercourse not to hurt a female so she can handle safe , the child brides some die on their wedding night at the hands of their attacker husband Mulsiums are Satans seed satan sown kill cult idoltary agenda they pratice Hala they leave the vein in the meat , But jesus line of the promises removes the vein so they dont eat the blood ! 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  9. i also called karft phone number it was 3.30 pm and they say their closed I called kraft to inquire if their product which is shown only google-ing kosher Parmesan cheese online web shows it in a green plastic container as bring kosher certified cheese, yet their is not a kosher symbol on it when you go to the walmart store in my cranberry Pa area it about 24 miles round trip to the store for me,since i buy regulary from walmart all my purchases are kosher on the reciet they have the list of all my kosher products i buying i neot sure if they are selling my list to companys where then marketing the lables to appear kosher or not are being decided by wallstreet stock holders investors are contrlling the weatlh and disributing the product according to what they deeming as plausibale when they themselves are all non-kosher hilter murderes at the helm apperance of indulgences of bribery and Satan ais a liar he cometh to robber and theif to destory works. Removing them from the walmart store that kosher buyer stop at products that they have been buying from them then they arent getting that in when were possibley only a few kosher buyer in oil city area as showing online so help why has this company telling us two opposite things so which is the truth is this cheese in the green container kosher certified or not why is the labeing apperance seal changed at the walmart store removing the kosher symbol from the kraft green container, that gasoline to cost to go to the store to buy it and not as indicated in picture online as kosher certified symbol shows online ! Why are ya’ll removing the symbol you need to remove that misleading information off the web site online to stop stealing from the public our electric in kwh and gasoline we have sadia ariba oil being kosher their is a vein for gold by faith in jesus christ Gods only plan given under the heavens where by man must be saved God plan through salvation accepting Christ and lord and your personal Savior! sadia ariabia is muslims there they aren’t christian in the faith, there is no hope without christ , so i bind you Satan and loose into the earth the victory over Satan working to robbery kill and destroy working stratagems you’ve doing in that evil work upon the earth & with users online IP address are used us that to track all online users by write a computer program that will track all online activities through the servicers of the involved so that the jot or title of the kwh electrice isn’t being vehicle as a gun for cyber crime big business rip off scam to defruad the public out of our possessions, and finances as were seeing the problem as I seeing with this issue and stop cyber crime as were seeing here with melissa and myself experience she found what she believes to be a vein in her kraft product and cant reach kraft for help with getting resolved and that corrected with kraft wallstreet don’t need these cyber crimes indulgences off bribery booty from cyber crime hacker big business todays ive encountered and showing it to you in this message shout what we hear in our ears upon the roof tops, in jesus name i claim it done thank your God amen! God said he gives us the victory he maketh us to win, we overcome satan by the word of our testimonial and by the blood of the lamb and the gates of hell will not prevail against us! plus when i use enternet explorer microsoft dont update windows xp no longer and that browser freezes your page so your cant send it and you loose your work , when i called verizon for tech support he looked at the screen with me and told me to use the google chrome browser i did and had to retype all the infor in again , it wont spell check the writing wher enternet explore would do that and will let me corect my missspelled words where google chrome at kraft comment wont it loke like the one with the most money a weapon working in that ripping off the spell checker software problem microsoft owner alot of the browsers to submit it to kraft comment on their page, the first time it had a power surge and knocked out all my work and shut down my computer all day I had to wait from the early afternoon till 12.30 pm at night for my husband to come home and reboot the power surge cord to fix it, when it kicked off my computer it went off it rand high pitched whistle sound all day long and i didn’t know how to turn it off my husband went to college and fixed the schools high school and middles schools computer for them so he take care of our computer problems, the adminstration of our network system at my house, I had a aweful time trying to contact kraft for their as melissa and wanted her to know it happening to others your not allow in being not replyed to with your trying to get your problem resolved with kraft company I have the same problem they wont pick up their phone in the day time so i left my comment on thier kraft comment site online and also to reply to melissa finding a vein in her kraft product issue and i was trying to reach kraft and experiencing the same problem as melissa is no one awnsering their kraft industery corp phone number for costomer support to get my question on why the kraft Parmesan cheese green lable being tampered with at the walmart grocery store leaving of the kosher certified symbol it showing online to carry ,. plus see revelations 17-23 chapters it tell about Mystery Babylon the mother of harlot the beast carries her. I usually buy at walmart all my kosher products that they carry which is no fresh meats at all ever, you can buy kosher certified hebrew hot dogs and canned fish as tuna or frozen fish , or vegan products , no fresh kosher meats , Holy Bible said you can pay your spiritual teachers, people have watched us buying kosher asking for kosher and they that work there gotten information from us on what kosher means and how to locate kosher in the grocery stores ,we usually have to place our meat order online at rockland kosher grocery store in new york it next state away from our pa state we have to pay &30 .00 fed x charges and &10.00 packing fee for a $40.00-$120.00 dollar meat order it shipped in freezer packing bags . whcih had made us to become most vegan kosher in my house becuase the non kosher grocery store will suppy only to where they making a killing at witht he public where thier a demand and will cater to their wants and not kosher needs whcih is a voilatin agasint the contutition of the Foredads wrote that our goverment to abide in and by pursuit of happeness anot to be alinated rights as human being to be able to provide for our own ,with nessassery human needs food to substain life God set life and death over the people he said choose this day whom you will serve there is blessing under the laws of God for keeping God laws and cursing under the laws of God for breaking Gods laws , reap if we sin agasinst Gods laws anguish and tribulation and crouption in the flesh and afterwards death if not confessed and forsaken at the cross of christ ,that under grace God dont give us full measure for our sin that would be death , God is trying to perfect us in christ so there no schisum in the body, the hand cant say to the foot i have no need of you , God set the body together as it pleasd him given more honor to the weaker and uncomley parts to we grow up in christ to the God head bodily, and that saying oh death where is your sting oh grave where is your victory will be swollowed up by life and this motral put on immortaliy and then the kindgom can be delivered up , God is able to delivery it up now but no pne but the father God knows that exzack time, until then christ is at the right hand of God making intercession for the saint, and the life we life it is not us but christ in us, is that and clothing not sown with divers material together like wool to linen, that forbidden in Laws of God old testement books and to do so i asked walmart to carry kosher fresh meats they told me that it may be a long time after i requested that a year or so before they do that i am still waiting it been years new and nothings changed no fresh meat yet also i asked smart shopper to carry kosher cheese they are in knox pa they sell it in large long log and no fresh kosher meats are sold any where but by special order and then it a 120 mile round trip and it limited on what they sell beef and chicken and trukey no lamb and it has to be order in about 2 weeks in advance before tit will come in tommer has the beef order and turkey and chicken is empire Products we can order through wegman grocery store in erie pa it 120 mile round trip to drive to get a fresh meat order i live in oil city pa, The grocery store reciete would show on my reciete kosher products are these then list being sold to thrid party venders for marketers purposes is that also we ant locate the main product apple wood chedder cheese were buy from walmart they pulled it your carry other not as in demand as would be cheeder cheese of apple wood cheese product which are kosher product , and the cumin power we had to buy in quainty at walmart on clarion pa our cranberry stop supplying it , and is that also why enternet explorer not sending the kraft comment once we type it in if you have windows xp most all these browsers are owned by microsoft !

  10. I do not like the new design of the Breakstone’s Cottage Doubles I liked the old design better you could scoop out the fruit filling better than the new one I think you need to go back to the drawing board and come up with something better

  11. I have been using veleeta for years and I haven’t had any problems except this time and one other years ago. This time the cheese looked dried out and not very good. The info on the package says 06NOV201715;25ccp78V2.
    I just feel you should know this since your cheese cost almost $8.00 at Walmart.
    Thank You,
    Victoria Stearns

  12. What is going on with the price of Velveeta lately?! This isn’t even real cheese and the price just keeps going up and up and up!! It literally has gone up in price around 2.00 at our local Kroger grocery store in a matter of about 6 months…why? Kraft is just forcing people to buy off brand versions of their product in doing this. I have always bought Velveeta and love the product and have always stood by Kraft products period, but this is ridiculous. It’s price gouging as far as I am concerned. Not a happy customer at this moment!!!

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