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Jack’s Family Restaurants Customer Service Contact Details

The customer’s wish to contact Jack’s Family Restaurants office for any business query or information can contact them using the contact details of Jack’s Family Restaurants we are sharing below. The customers can also contact Jack’s Family Restaurants customer service phone number for sharing any issues they are having or in case of having any enquiry.

Jack’s Family Restaurants Customer Service Contact Numbers:

  • +1-(800)-422-3893
  • +1-(205)-945-8167
  • +1-(205)-238-5648
  • +1-(205)-421-4594
  • +1-(205)-944-2967
Jack’s Family Restaurants Customer Service Email ID:
Jack’s Family Restaurants Corporate Head Office Address:
  • Office Location: Jack’s Family Restaurants, Inc., 124 West Oxmoor Road, Homewood, AL 35209-6303, United States
  • Telephone Number: +1-(800)-422-3893, +1-(205)-945-8167, +1-(205)-238-5648, +1-(205)-421-4594, +1-(205)-944-2967
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Jack’s Family Restaurants Official Website: www.eatatjacks.com

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  1. Hello, My name is Amy Bush and I want to start off by saying My family & I love Jacks restaurant ! It’s the only fast food restaurant we have ever loved and we still do . But the restaurant in Huntsville Al on Jordan Ln 35805 has given my family bad food for the last time. And we will not be back until we know changes have been made. We would go to this location for breakfast, lunch and dinner . Just because the food is so great and the menu has so many great things to choice from my family of 4 all can find things we want with no problem and i feel the people working at this location has made a bad name for Jacks and I’m very upset ! We miss our family meal from and at Jacks the people are somewhat friendly but its the food that’s has me so upset. The people that work there now will feed me and my family anything And the one thing i have always loved about Jacks is no matter what town I’m in they always care about the food they server But not this location. the past year or less the food has been so bad that we stopped going to Jacks at all ! And I really missed it . We have not been in almost 3 months hoping things have chanced my Husband goes gets breakfast for us all ( me, him & our 2 kids ) And there was stuff on the sausage and i had a LONG BLACK HAIR IN MY PANCAKES ! I have never felt so nasty in my whole life and my husband said his food was not good at all and i was scared to let my daughter eat her breakfast wrap .This has been going on for to long i don’t complain I don’t ask for refund I just want good food and i know Jacks restaurants are not to blame because for years no matter where I go Jacks has always been a great place to eat and I was so happy when this location opened 10 mins from my home everything was great for a long time until all the problems this past year . I tried to wait it out hoping things would get better but with no luck. This restaurant in Huntsville Al my hometown are giving Jacks restaurants everywhere a bad name . Please help I love this place I grew up with my daddy taking me to Jacks as a little girl and I have always remember the great times we had .My father past 5 years ago and i just want to be able t do the same for my kids . But I can’t let people feed my family nasty dirty food . I still feeling sick after eating those pancakes . And I want you to understand this is not the first time this is many many times of getting bad food or going though the drive thru and ordering $40 in food and driving all the way home and half of my food not even being in the bag and i mean many many times . The past year a lot has changed in the restaurant and we want our Jacks back PLEASE HELP US


    Hope to hear back about this matter

  2. Great place to eat in Springville AL. The only problem I see is all the underage kids smoking outside at their cars. Not in their cars, just standing beside them in uniform. And after work they stand in the parking lot and do no telling what else is going on. I figured you guys can get this straight before the local authorities get involved. And yes I mean this better get cleaned up. This is a shame to our community to see these underage kids in uniform smoking in the parking lot. Please take action before parents are notified and law enforcement gets involved.
    Concerned parent of the community….

  3. I live close to Jack’s in Mccalla in the Caffee Junction area. I’ll stop by there for breakfast on the way to work most mornings. The employees are friendly and very helpful, but the management there is a joke. The cashiers, cooks, drive thru workers, etc don’t get breaks on a normal basis. The managers get upset when the employees ask for a break and then start treating them like pure crap. They can’t even go to the restroom without the managers getting upset. Not to mention, the laws that are being broken due to no breaks. This is a serious issue and a violation of laws and it better stop before higher authorities get involved. Also, the employees get into trouble for asking the customers if they would like jelly with their breakfast. I mean really, who is that tight on their inventory that you get in trouble for trying to satisfy the customers? I’m in management myself and these folks clearly don’t know how to treat their employees standing on their feet all day with no break. I do expect to hear back from someone and get the “NO BREAK” issue resolved immediately.

  4. First off I’d like to say I love Jack’s food,and I’ve always received quick, cheerful service from friendly employees. The question/comment I have is why comeback sauce is regularly not included even when requested or if you ask for more than one you are lucky to get even one.The same is not true for all other condiments. Does corporate encourage their employees to ration this condiment?

  5. Need to go back to the original buns for the burgers the new buns there’s way too much bread for What Little meat you get

  6. on 5-15-2018 jack restaurant in Tuscaloosa Alabama has a sell on Mushroom Swiss on hwy 69 But I did not see it until on 5/16/2018 neverless I ask the manger and she said we are out of it BUT THE BROAD SAID IT STILL ON SALE AS OF TODAY IT STILL SHOWN THE Mushroom Swiss still on sale WHY ?

  7. Very poor taste to pull through the drive thru , order, only to have the girl at the window say “ wanna donate a dollah” ?.
    What for? Why don’t they just hold up a small cardboard sign with a tin cup at the entrance “ and say “will work for spare change”. Very poor taste.

  8. Yes, we too love to stop at Jack’s for a meal. We have always enjoyed the good food. We did make the mistake of stopping in Russellville, Alabama on Saturday night, August 15, 2018. As we went in the return trays etc., was overflowing and plates and trays all over the top with uneaten food everywhere. We went on in and thought we wanted a milkshake until we saw the ice cream freezer. It was filthy with parts of ice cream from one container to another plus ice cream was all over the sides of the freezer, in the tracks on the sides, the glass on the freezer was spattered with some substance and the chocolate ice cream looked as if some one had put melted ice cream back in the container but somehow missed that wide opening and it ran out over the edge and was anything but appetizing. The tables had not been cleaned off. Napkins on the floor. The chicken had been under the hot lamps for so long that the meat under the breading was over cooked. The chicken was tough to say the least. Oh, yes, and lets don’t for get the biscuits. Well you could have used them in a game of hockey. Overly cooked to a dark brown. This was about 9:15p.m. and we were really looking for a good meal to which we were really disappointed. There were at least six employees there so there was enough help to get things done had they been doing their jobs. If there was a night manager then so sorry you have wasted your money on him and on the rest of your employees too.

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