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Fitbit Corporate Headquarters is located in San Francisco, California, United States. With the Fitbit customer service office or head office address, here we are sharing customer support number of Fitbit, and Fitbit mailing, postal address, telephone, fax number, official web page and related details.

The corporate head office address of Fitbit or headquarters (HQ) location of Fitbit is given with the Fitbit corporate office contact number, email id, and customer service phone number of Fitbit and other details to connect you with Fitbit corporate headquarters.

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Fitbit Corporate Head Office Contact Details

The customer’s wish to contact Fitbit corporate office for any business query or information can contact them using the contact details of Fitbit corporate headquarters. The customers can also contact Fitbit customer service phone number for sharing any issues they are having or in case of having any enquiry.

Fitbit Customer Service Helpline Number:

For any help, support, information, queries, suggestions, complaints regarding Fitbit products and services, the customers can contact to Fitbit customer care service numbers, registered offices address, and contact numbers.

  • +1-(877)-623-4997– customer support phone number of Fitbit
  • Click here – customer support email address of Fitbit

Fitbit Corporate Headquarters Location:

  • Address: Fitbit, Inc., 405 Howard Street, Suite 550, San Francisco, CA 94105, United States
  • Telephone Number: +1-(877)-623-4997
  • Fax Number: NA
  • Email Address: NA

Fitbit Official Website:

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Fitbit Social Profiles:

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  1. I tried to be nice but my complaint was ignored. I sent a complaint over a week ago. No response, no apology !!! I want my new Charger! I’ve had mine for 8 months and the rubber is falling off….I will post on Yelp and to my many co- workers. I’m so disappointed in this product.

    1. The same thing happened to mine. I have an HR and the rubber is falling apart
      Near the face and the whole band is coming apart. They said they would send me
      Another one and it’s been 5 weeks. I called again and they are now telling me
      It is on back order.
      They are finally sending me a replacement but not the color I wanted.
      Also, there is no way to contact Corporate Fitbit other than going to San Francisco
      And walking into their offices and I do not even know if you can do that.

      Everything is overseas.
      No phone – no email what kind of a company is this.

  2. I have a Fitbit HR that worked beautifully when I received it for Christmas last year. It no longer syncs and I have been emailing for over a month to get the situation resolved. I get nothing but rude responses and NO help at all. They have not even offered to replace this defective device. A very disappointing experience and a waste of money for my kids who purchased this for me as a gift. Very sad but I am going to social media and letting all my co-workers know so they will not make the same mistake!!

  3. I’m on the phone with a lady and she is supper rude I told her I want my fitbit fixed it’s only 4months old and the rubber is tearing and not connecting to myou device

  4. I have a fitbit for my reabilitation but after six months it has started to lose charge and strap i coming away from the face. Buttons coming off. Iam feeling so let down by fit bit as thay don’t return my emails. I feel so bad as i have told so many of my friends and family to buy them. Please could someone kindly help me.

  5. I have a Surge. They have sent me a 4th one due to the band peeling away from the face allowing sweat to enter the hardware causing issues. I’m trying to get them to switch me to the Blaze, to see if that’ll work. I’ve also spoken to a lawyer friend to see if there’s something he can do to help. I have a half dozen friends that Fitbit has treated poorly. I’ve asked to speak to a manger through their email and phone, but get ignored.

  6. My Fitbit surge is starting to rip at the screw from normal wear but there are no replacement bands available. I was told that I can buy a new tracker at a discount but there is nothing they can do about the fully functional surge I have now .. so I paid 275.00 but i have to spend another 200.00 to get one that I can actually wear … every other Fitbit has replaceable bands. The warranty should be longer then 1 yr if you can’t purchase replacement bands … so this fully functional tracker is garbage now Since the band is ripped!

    Fitbit you suck!!!!!

  7. I’m now on my 4th charge!!!! 3 of them have separated and one replacement they sent had a battery that didn’t last 3 days while not even using all available features. None of them have lasted even a year. Some less than 6 months! From my original purchase I have yet to receive a satisfactory product. Every time I have to get one replaced I have to jump through hoops. I just called today and they want to replace it with the same one I’ve been given every time that continues to break in the same spot. Why would I want another fitbit that will have the same issue? The only other option is to buy a more expensive fitbit at a discount. Why would I want to spend more money with you guys when after 4 tries I still haven’t gotten a satisfactory product? That’s a slap in the face to the Consumer! I’m not rough on my fitbit I walk all day for my job,I take care of it yet I can’t get one that will hold up. Im astounded that you would expect a customer to pay for a more expensive version because their initial purchase couldn’t cut it. Why would I throw away more money? Why are you not offering to fully refund or give credit for the original purchase price since your product doesn’t actually perform? I gave customer support a 4th chance to fix this issue, and have yet to get a response for corporate (not holding my breath). I’m waiting until Monday then I’ll be contacting the BBB. You shouldn’t continue to sell a product that has an obvious design flaw. And you shouldn’t continue to give customers the same junk,or expect them to spend more as a reward for receiving a terrible product multiple times.

  8. I am 54 years old, I received a fitbit for Xmas Dec of 2016 the charge then on my birthday Oct 8th 2017 I received another one that is her HR…both fit bits are now broken just through regular wear and tear I am very disappointed…I don’t have receipts. I have grown to depend on my fit bitt and because they are costly at
    $179 a piece I cannot afford to buy one on my own. I feel that for that price they should last more than six months. I treated it like my phone and took good care of it I charged daily during showers and so on. It is completely unacceptable and would like at least one as a replacement and would be more than happy to mail back the two faulty ones. Please advise as to what your company plans to do about this.
    Hopefully you back your product and do the right thing.
    sincerely Diana Crowder

  9. I received a fit bit for a present.
    Then the devise was not working and had to replace it.
    The new one is big and balky, not feminine what so ever.
    I was going to get a fitbit for my mother for Mothers day.
    But she would not like it either because how large the face is of the new unit.
    What can we do to problem solve this devise?
    Please feel free to contact me via phone if you desire.
    Thank you for your time.

  10. I am SO DISAPPOINTED in Fit Bit !!! I have called a number of times and continuously am being picked up by a call center in either El Salvador or Guatemala. I have a Fit Bit HR Charge and the strap is falling apart and it stops working and then starts again with the incorrect time of course !!! I spoke with “Mike” in El Salvador. After 45 minutes on the phone he managed to total screw up my Fit Bit HR Charge and now it does nothing!! I explained to “Mike” I wanted to stay with the Fit Bit product. After a long go around he offered me a 25% discount for another Fit Bit product BUT cannot be used on the newest product. Meaning the Versa or the Ionic. Which I feel is RIDICULOUS!
    After two days on the phone with out of the country call center people, I am not so sure I want to stay with Fit Bit at this time. I even tried calling Fit Bit Headquarters and their voicemail box is full !!! SERIOUSLY, what kind of company is this?? EVERY TIME I called the people at the call center said they could not transfer me to the United States. I believe it is a regulation that if I say I want to speak to someone they have to transfer. “Charlie” told me he was in America. I told CHUCK, I was not referring to CENTRAL AMERICA, I said THE UNITED STATES !!!
    I just am so frustrated with the whole thing !!! NOT THE WAY TO DO BUSINESS !!! AND YES, I will be sharing my story with EVERYONE I can via Social Media.
    PLEASE EMAIL ME and change my mind !!!

  11. just like the many complaints on this site my charge 2 will not sync and of course it is also out of warranty. I was offered 25% off a new one. would I pay for another one to break. you need to offer replacements to your paying customers

  12. I have owned a fitbit Blaze for 2 years and the battery kept taking longer and longer to charge and then it was out of power after a few hours. Customer service was not of any help. They wanted me to buy a new fitbit similar to the Blaze at a price which was one hundred dollars more than what I paid. They were offering me a discount of 40 percent. I expected the product to last more than 2 years!!! Has anyone else had this problem. Were they able to get a new Blaze or equivalent. How???


  13. Fitbit offered free fitbits to UGA college students. My daughter received two. Now fitbit is claiming it was a mistake and threatening to turn them over to collections if they do not pay or return the fitbits. Classic bait and switch scam. I am so disappointed with fitbit. I have owned several fitbits but will never own another.
    Just got off of the phone with customer care and they agreed they were free and then ask if I would like a payment plan. Come on Fitbit!

  14. I have owned a Charge 3 since October 2018. It will not do,and never has connected for “all day sync”. I have reported it many times. I have spent hours following instructions and responding to email directions. Nothing will make it sync all day. Finally I am told that they recognize problems with this feature! But there is no solution date projected. They will not refund my cost or my troubleshooting time. Of course the warranty is about to expire and they suggest that I wait for the solution. Stupid idea!!!!

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