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DIRECTV Corporate Headquarters is located in El Segundo, California, United States. With the DIRECTV customer service office or head office address, here we are sharing customer support number of DIRECTV, and DIRECTV mailing, postal address, telephone, fax number, official web page and related details.

The corporate head office address of DIRECTV or headquarters (HQ) location of DIRECTV is given with the DIRECTV corporate office contact number, email id, and customer service phone number of DIRECTV and other details to connect you with DIRECTV corporate headquarters.

Other than DIRECTV customer service number or toll free helpline of DIRECTV, mailing and postal office address of DIRECTV with official website and other important details can be found below. If you are looking how to contact with DIRECTV corporate headquarters office and customer service department, so you can use the below details to connect them for information, registering a complaint, career and job opportunities, give your review or suggestions.

DIRECTV Corporate Head Office Contact Details

The customer’s wish to contact DIRECTV corporate office for any business query or information can contact them using the contact details of DIRECTV corporate headquarters. The customers can also contact DIRECTV customer service phone number for sharing any issues they are having or in case of having any enquiry.

DIRECTV Customer Service Helpline Number:

For any help, support, information, queries, suggestions, complaints regarding DIRECTV products and services, the customers can contact to DIRECTV customer care service numbers, registered offices address, and contact numbers.

  • +1-(888)-777-2454, +1-(800)-841-3186, +1-(855)-567-1669,+1-(800)-531-5000, +1-(855)-838-4388– customer support phone number of DIRECTV
  • Click here – customer support email address of DIRECTV
DIRECTV Corporate Headquarters Location:
  • Address: DIRECTV, 2230 East Imperial Highway, El Segundo, California, United States
  • Telephone Number: +1-(888)-777-2454, +1-(800)-841-3186, +1-(855)-567-1669,+1-(800)-531-5000, +1-(855)-838-4388
  • Fax Number: NA
  • Email Address: NA
DIRECTV Official Website:

The website mentioned above is the official web page of DIRECTV. The customers want to know more about DIRECTV company profile and history or the customers want to know the source of the information shared in this page can visit this website anytime.

DIRECTV Social Profiles:
DIRECTV Important Links:


  1. It is very apparent for political reasons that you have chosen to take fox off the air and at least my area which is Wimberley Texas. I have had Fox and friends taken off the air for the entire show earlier this week The very second it came on.

    Today the entire Fox network is off. I don’t believe it is by accident I believe that you guys are paying political tricks so that the good side of America can’t see what’s really happening. How can you be such dummies. If my fox Network isn’t back on but today I’m going to cancel my service if I have to watch my toes instead.

  2. Cancel service as fast as you can! We were with them for 12 years when they offered us this money saving deal to combine DirectTv & att internet. That was 4 months ago. It never worked the same and we have received bills for $330, $280 and $277 with all kinds of claims about how they can’t manage the combined accounts we have now paid $794 for 4 months service in response to all kinds of threats and turn off our services for a day when we filed a complaint with the BBB! This is a good company gone bad. We cancelled our service and got threats of damaging our credit and intent to fine us for early termination on a 12 year contract with perfect pay history. Hours on the phone they can’t explain or fix but they can tell me I too stupid to understand the bills, transfer to someone who says they’ll fix it for another fee and then disconnect. We all need to get antennas or find another company. These guys have lost clas action law suits with the FCC and the FTC for false advertising and more. Look it up and cancel!

    1. They have done the same to me they say I have to pay my bill plus pay to have them take and discontinue having cable with them. Bullshit! Plus I call and talk to one person she says my bill is this and callback next day they say this is how much it is .they our rip off.

    2. I signed up for Att&t /direct tv. After a contract runs out the bills arrive with different payment figure. My wife signed up when I ran my contract out and she based under the ultimate program. The whole year contract did not last but a year went by and even though she was not a member of AT&T she was cancelled and outrageous bills started. Several phone call were made to direct tv and chats on line but to no satisfaction. To this date we are stuck in contract with high bill with basic tv channels. This is a hateful company. Discontinue fee up to $240.00 but Direct tv ups your bill. the consumer is suffering.

  3. DirecTV is horrible….I dont recommend them to anyone! I thought issues were fixed but they just bandage things to make u happy till the next problem! The bills never what they say it’ll be, their customer service sucks. They dont care about keeping loyal customers. They make it sound good to get u in a contract, bill you ridiculously high and then when you dont want to continue service with them you have to pay $154,743,789 give an arm an a leg an ur blood. No wonder directv has such bad reviews an so many people unhappily stuck in a contract with them. I wanted to leave there service an they told me I had to pay $650 in 10 days of disconnecting or they would start charging any card on record I’ve used to pay my bill with. Pretty sure that’s not legal, but apparently that’s what they teach there employees to say to scare people out of leaving?! Should have never went with this company. Hopefully anyone looking to get with directv reads their reviews first. This place is crooked an couldnt careless. Not even to those who have been with them for years.

  4. Direct Tv sucks! Not satisfied with the customer service reps…my problem was not resolved, I was mislead about my bill and credits that would be received. Credits were received but not the complete amount and I was still charged for something that was not my fault. Very unhappy with Direct TV and will switch services once the contract ends.

    1. Who. Can I complain too they charge me to I’m try look for. Corporate office . They lie on there price . I cancel them out they charge me 160 .00 when the manger say they waive it . I need help get the number to the big boss . They make talk them 2 hr still can’t give me any # to call to corporate office . I’m so hate DirecTV .

  5. Directv/AT&T are the worse ever. I ordered service on 3-2-17, the rep. took my info and give me an install date. but the issue was, after all that time ( the order was not processed correctly and they seem to have not sent the internet part through) says the second rep I spoke to when I did not get both services turned on after taking off a whole day off work.. I communicated back and forth with them for over 13days and still didn’t get both service installed these people actually send me a bill after a few days of cancellation.. AT&T cancelled after I contacted corporate. now I have to send a letter again to corporate on the bill of $477.44 for Directv when I canceled with in 8days when they couldn’t get the orders right. actually, AT&T didn’t install at all and they sent me a bill.. RUN RUN RUN these people will steal your eyes out of your socket if you let them.

  6. Directv was a great company until the merge with AT&T.
    I am a customer of Directv for close to 20 years with no problems dealing with customer service. Any issues I had were promptly resolved with one phone call and always a very friendly service representative.
    Now our service is terrible and I have had to call several times for just one issue.
    The way Directv handled customers with options to help and special offers if your issues were not immediately resolved.

    What has happened to customer satisfaction? All about big business.

  7. I have been a subscriber of Directv since 2009. Everything was fine until December 2016 when my receiver broke. They sent a replacement which was defective, the second receiver was also defective. The third one finally worked. DirecTV then started charging me as if I had multiple receivers in our house when we had only one. They added a total of three additional charges to my account that was not warranted. I would call, use chat and attempt to talk with them. They would “escalate” my case but I would never hear back. I would request to talk with a supervisor and I would have to go on a list and they would tell me someone would call within 48 hours. I never heard anything from them and they continued to add charges. I once was a very satisfied and loyal customer but the last four months have been horrible dealing with them and trying to correct my account due to false charges. I do not recommend DirecTV or anything else ATT controls.


  9. August 7, 2017

    Direct TV
    ATTN: Customer


    I took a trip to Indianapolis, Indiana on July 26-30, 2017. Somehow while I was there my credit card information was stolen. Immediately, fraudulent activity began to occur on it. I cancelled my card number on July 29th and a new card was issued to me on August 1, 2017. On August 2, 2017, I called Direct TV and spoke to your automated system and gave the new card information. I was informed that the new card information was entered and that it had deleted the old card information.

    Now, I get this email yesterday and today I called in and got someone in Central America who said his name was Jose, employee ID# 1851867, and he said there was no record of a call being made from me to DIRECTV on August 2, 2017 and also said there was no record of any updated card information. I was very unsettled about this.

    Do you have people on your payroll taking credit card information and then not entering it into the system? Do you have machines taking information and not entering it?. Is that the reason I had fraudulent activity on my card? After we had talked and I was getting nowhere I asked to speak to his supervisor. For almost 20 minutes he refused to allow me to speak to a supervisor. When I insisted he rudely said, “Well if you want to listen to the same thing over and over again I will let you.” So he finally allowed me to speak to a supervisor. Her name was Aleyda, employee ID# 2126824. We went through the whole process again of me being told that I had not called in, when I knew that I had. I felt as if both of them were calling me a liar. Although Aledya was much kinder than Jose, the result was the same. He was rude and overbearing and in no way would I have him answering phones in customer service if it was my company. He was very condescending.

    Anyway, I finally thought, “Just forget it” and decided to give my card number again to Aledya. When I gave her my card number she said, “Oh, this number is already in the system.” I felt somewhat vindicated that after being told by your foreign employees over and over again that I had not called in there was my card number. If I had not called in then how did my new card number get in the system? Well, all of a sudden they found where I had given my new card number on August 2, 2017, just like I had told them at the beginning of the conversation. When she ran the card it went right through.

    Aledya explained that the problem was caused because I had called the new card number in on the day that the system charged my monthly bill and it did not update itself until the next day. This explanation I understood and we finally agreed that everything was in order and ended our conversation.

    Aleyda did apologize to me for the inconvenience caused to me by their ineptness but Jose who was very arrogant and basically called me a liar never apologized.

    Now, I have been a loyal customer to Direct TV for a long time. I left one time for two years because you did not offer local channels in my area but when you started offering local channels I came right back. However, Dish Network is a good company and they are still available in my area and I can go back to them at any time. I am no longer under contract to you and I don’t have to be and will not be treated this way by employees of yours who aren’t even American and who I can’t half understand what they are saying. You are an American company and you should hire American. I am still undecided about what I will do. Will I stay or go? I have not made up my mind. But one thing I have made my mind up on and that is I am an American customer and I will not stand for this kind of treatment.

    Now the ball is in your court. I suppose my decision whether to stay or go will be determined by how you handle this situation. I look forward to hearing from you.

    Thank you,

    Daniel Livingston
    Acct# 59319335
    Phone # (601) 606-8007

    P.S. I posted this here as a last resort. After getting hung on 2 or 3 times and I couldn’t find an email address for customer service and it takes way too much time to get onto chat and my time is important too. So you see my situation……..

  10. My mother and father are in there late seventies and pride themselves on their perfect credit. They were loyal DirecTV customers and have paid ahead on their bill.
    They LOST their home in Harvey.
    They explained this to DirecTV. They had paid ahead too.
    He still kept getting bills.
    He had been on the phone for hours and routed all over.
    Everyone says it is taken care of and then he gets a bill.
    Hours and a full notebook of notes on this.
    I spent forty minutes supposedly with a supervisor that assured me all was well.

    My Dad (who has the flu) just got a call from a COLLECTION AGENCY.
    He is now on the phone again.
    This is the worst.

    How can people treat him like this?! Does he have to get a lawyer just to settle this?!

  11. It’s a sad day in the Corporate business world when you cannot get an appointment to have a someone come to your house. If the system won’t handle more than one day at a time then DIRECTV is in sad shape. I’ve been trying for 2 days to book an appointment and still haven’t gotten one. The response time tells me that they either don’t care or understand that we’re paying for a service and they aren’t giving anybody anything. They need to fire the whole dam bunch and get some folks that can get the job done and making excuses about why they can’t deliver the service you’re paying for.

  12. I call concerning no connection or receiving channels just a few channels, I was told my control box was outdated and I needed a new one . I have two controls in my house one works one dose not . After calling DISH After talking to the first tec he made some type of check which resulted the loss of all channels . I was told a service call would be scheduled in 7 days 5 22 thu 6 3 18 thus no tv for seven days . About two years ago my control box failed they ups a new control box to me no issue it corrected the issue . When I called on 5 22 18 it was very hard to understand the tec . In all my years as a dish customer I have never had an issue . I do now .

  13. The absolute worst thing we ever did was to change from Dish to Direct. The movie selections are boring and repetitive. The same mediocre movies over and over again. If a GOOD MOVIE is shown it’s put on the movie stations with COMMERCIALS. Don’t blame the movie stations as it’s obvious you just use their logos and show whatever shit you please to direct us to your “PAY NOW” stations.

    Direct is not a decent source of entertainment it’s just another “Bullshit Money Maximizing Scam Job!” If you really cared about your customers you would at least provide free vasoline to make our being “Buttfucked” easier.

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