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Jennifer Lawrence is the most famous actress in the world. Jennifer Lawrence is also among the highest paid celebrity of the film Industry. Jennifer Lawrence was born on August 15, 1990 in Louisville, Kentucky, United States. She studied at Kammerer Middle School at Louisville.

Jennifer Lawrence started her acting career in the TBS Comedy Serial “The Bill Engvall Show”. Jennifer Lawrence’s made her debut in movie “Garden Party” and “The Poker House” was the much hit movie. Jennifer Lawrence then appeared in the movie “The Burning Plain” which was also good and turning point of the life of the Jennifer Lawrence.

Actress Jennifer Lawrence Personal Information

  • Jennifer Lawrence Date of Birth: August 15, 1990
  • Jennifer Lawrence Place of Birth: Louisville, Kentucky, United States
  • Jennifer Lawrence Height: 1.75 m
  • Jennifer Lawrence Parents: Gary Lawrence, Karen Lawrence
  • Jennifer Lawrence Siblings: Blaine Lawrence, Ben Lawrence
  • Jennifer Lawrence Nationality: American

Actress Jennifer Lawrence Contact Address and Details

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Louisville, Kentucky, United States

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Actress Jennifer Lawrence Actress Jennifer Lawrence

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  1. I watched every hunger games,they were all amazing I loved mocking jay part 2 you and peeta were so cute and how you tried to explain what happened to buttercup prims cat!!! Katniss is truly my role model,I’m a huge fan and good luck for the future love Danica Morais

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  4. Hello,
    I don’t know actually why I’m writing. I’m not a huge fan, I don’t want your autograph, I don’t care about your private life. I am just a girl (Or now a woman, hard to say) in your age, I’m a dentist and I am from Poland.
    I was always wondering how a friendship works in Hollywood. Do you have a real friend? Can you trust people around? How can you know, feel, that they dont want to use you?
    For me you always seemed like a nice person, just. I know nothing about your life and I dont know if it is even true;) Well, there’s written my e-mail if you ever wish to talk. Gosh, I sound like a psycho…
    Have a nice weekend.

  5. I lo e you so much. I’ve watched every YouTube video about you. My favorite is your next door neighbor. He seems super sweet. Your the pettiest woman in the whole world. I’ve watched all the Hunger Games. My favorite is Catching Fire. Thank you for being my roll model for my life.

  6. I’m a fan of you, not so much of movies however. I once worked with you on a set. You were made to wear a dumb costume. You were just a kid. It’s still one of my favorite shows. Anyhow our lives definitely went 180 degrees in opposite directions, you went on to become “You” and a week later I was accused of something I didn’t do , was extradited to another state and end up in prison. After 12 years of pleading innocence I was just released a week ago with not so much as an I’m sorry or any compensation. I knew coming out of never be able to go back to la to try the entertainment business again , but what I didn’t know is that they would never clear my name for me. So know I cant even flip burgers. So here I am an ex marine, with a theology degree with a bad name I can’t shake. Funny how life deals the cards that way. I’ve been out a month and don’t know why I’m writing this message since I’m a 100% certain you’ll never see it. I guess it’s because you represent the last time in my life I had hope and a good name and that means something to me. So if you see this by some miracle I hope you’ll say hi, no more than that . My number is #779 771 9416 .I stay in Seattle. Would love to tell you the details of the story on a night when maybe your not so busy , if your willing to listen. A fan, Joseph. P.s I don’t have an email that’s mine or a mailing address . But that # is always good . I might get the email at the above given address but no guarantee.

  7. You’re Jennifer Shrader Lawrence, right? I’m a huge fan of yours and you are very great actor. And that’s very nice dress that you wearing white dress and white heels that you on the Global Fan Screen of X-men Apocalypse and I see your movies, The Hunger Games, Catching Fire, Mockingjay 1 and 2 and X-Men Apocalypse. May you please me on or call me in my number is 1-340-201-5547 and is very nice to call you but I’m nervous to call you and I’m a fan of yours.

  8. Hey Jennifer I was wondering if you could email me because I have a big school project and I’m doing the hunger games book and I had to do a fake interview and I though if I could get ahold of you that would be even better than a fake interview whit the actor that plays katniss any what’s my email is and phone # (317)-412-7706

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    1. Hi,am glad you really want to know her personal contacts, I have also been making efforts to get them. I really love her shows and movies,in case you get her contacts please let me know. Thanks

  10. Hi,am glad you really want to know her personal contacts, I have also been making efforts to get them. I really love her shows and movies,in case you get her contacts please let me know. Thanks

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  14. Hi jennifer lawrance. Im one of ur biggest fans. People have talked bad about u but i stand up for u just like u did for ur child hood friend. That was beautiful just like you. I was wondering if i could text u

  15. Hey jen i am from your biggest fan in egypt and i really like all your movies especially passengers congrats

  16. Jenifer, your the best actress I’ve seen in a very long while. Your movie passenger was fabulously played by you. That movie to me was earth moving with all your female feeling and expressions you displayed. I felt your acting expressions from start to finish in all your movies. Your movie the silver lining playbook I believe was just as moving to me as passenger was. Your raw down to the bone acting career is growing everyday. Your dedication of feelings to me are your fear, hate, anger, love, compaction, trustworthiness, truthfulness, aggressiveness, forgiveness, understanding, spirit of acting, all your beauty that is expelled by your acting, charm, dignity, pride, always thinking ahead, your voice is like listening to a queen speak, your laughter, charm, joy, funniness, your crying, respectfulness. I could go on and on because you will be the most fabulous actress in my heart. If I were to ever get an opportunity to see you in person my heart would probable melt and I would start to cry. You express such love in your acting it hurts. That is how much I love your acting. You are the one and only best female package I’ve ever seen on screen. Best of luck in all your future screen plays. Don

  17. Hello there are there any way to see you soon or a lease let me know when you’re gonna be in my home please let me know i love you Jennifer Shrader Lawrence

  18. Jennifer Lawrence has done so much harm the last days. It can’t be true that she does celebrate her best friends birthday on two different days.
    First in Vienna, see
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    Somebody should make a warning to Jennifer.

  19. Hi Miss Lawrence,

    Glad you are all right after your plane had engine problems. You landed in my hometown Buffalo NY. Sorry you had to visit us that way. Comeback and see our city
    we have a lot to offer. Be great place to shoot one of your films. I am a screenwriter also.

    Ron Keneske

  20. Jennifer.. do you sleep well thinking about all the human and wildlife that are dead or starving this min because of a storm. You made it political. Shame on you.. i held one in my arms as they died and you think it is because if a man . They drowned. Children are starving as you wear your pretty dresses and pretend to care.
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