Sprint Corporate Headquarters HQ

Sprint Corporate Headquarters HQ – customer service number, toll free helpline number and 1800 customer support phone number and contact information is given here with the postal and mailing address. Here, the customers can also get the additional information, contact detail and 24 hours toll free customer service numbers related to Sprint products and services.

If you are looking Sprint Corporate headquarters office address and customer service phone number of Sprint. So, as this page, we are providing the full contact details of Sprint USA with the useful information including Sprint phone numbers, fax numbers, email address, website and related information.

Sprint Corporate Headquarters Contact Details

For any issues and problems regarding Sprint products and services, you can visit or write to the head office of the company listed below.

Sprint Corporate Head Office Address:

Sprint Corporation Headquarters,

6200 Sprint Parkway, Overland Park,

KS 66251, United States

Sprint Corporate Head Office Phone Number: +1-888-211-4727, +1-913-624-6000, +1-800-829-0965

Sprint Corporate Head Office Fax Number: N/A

Sprint Customer Service Contact Information and Details

For general information, help, complaints questions concerning Sprint products and services, the customers can call at the customer service department by using following contact details.

Sprint USA Customer Service Helpline Number:

+1-866-275-1411 for general information and support

Sprint Customer Service Phone Numbers:

+1-866-866-7509 for Order and Sales information

Sprint Personal Wireless Customer Service Number:


Sprint Wireline and Landline Customer Service Number:

+1-800-366-2255 for Make a Sprint FonCard, +1-800-366-0707 for Refresh a Sprint Prepaid Card, and +1-877-877-8748 for wireline customer service.

Sprint Business Customer service Number:

+1-800-927-2199 for account questions, +1-866-805-9890 for one to four employees, +1-866-313-6672 for above five employees, +1-866-653-1056 for Converged wireline and wireless, +1-866-653-1056 for Internet connectivity, +1-866-653-1056 for VOIP and Managed Services.

Sprint International Customer Support Number:

+1-888-226-7212 for U.S., Puerto Rico, and U.S. Virgin Islands,   +1-817-698-4199 while traveling abroad, and +1-817-698-4199 toll free customer service number available from other countries.

Sprint Payments Address and Information:

Sprint Pay by phone: Dial *3 from your Sprint phone.

Sprint Bill Pay through Your Bank: Sprint, PO Box 4191, Carol Stream, IL 60197-4191, United States

Sprint Pay by Mail: Sprint, PO Box 4191, Carol Stream, IL 60197-4191, United States

Sprint Inc. Official Website: www.sprint.com

Comments (65)

  1. Beyond Frustrated

    It’s been a week of hell because of Sprint. I have spent over 10 hours on the phone and talked to at very least a dozen different people simply trying to add 2 lines and upgrade 2 phones. I have been told one thing only to have it not be true, call to fix only to be told something else. Every single person has essentially lied to me. Every single person has said these conversations are recorded so I would be protected. At some point I was even told by customer care that if the recorded message showed the sales person sold me this plan, they would only be reprimanded. I am praying that it is now corrected. However my bill/acct does not reflect that it has been. Holding my breath for a few more days before my 14 day return window closes. I have never been more frustrated or disappointed with Sprint and I have been a customer for over 10 years.

    • Know how you feel

      We are still going around for adding 1 line a month and a half ago. Bill as been over $300 all from adding 1 line. Unlimited talk,text and data and then they started billing $15 a gig . *smh* We are at our wits end with sprint. You think for 12 yrs with them they would get this crap fixed.

    • not happy either....

      I am beyond pissed as well…they jacked my bill up over 350.00…and nothing has changed its all still the same. have been with sprint for almost 20 yrs. since 2001…. have spent countless hours on the phone with them…to be treated like crap too. just in the past 2 or 3 months….and they still could not give me a reason why my bill is so damn high. they charge for every little thing you do now….very frustrating ….you can never get a hold of anybody unless they are over seas in BFE. they don’t care about their customers…..and they want more???….really??…..they are about to lose a long time customer.

  2. Michele Walker

    I am not please with sprint. I have been a customer for over 20 years, when nextel was in I added another phone line to my account on Jan 27 2017, i received a bill for $224.31 on due March 19th. Before i added the other line my phone bill is $49.31 a month and i
    i paid that bill on Feb 23 2017. i called sprint customer service and they said there was nothing they could do. I asked to speak with a supervisor so they could remove some of those charges after speaking with Marge for 40 mins, she kept saying there is no supervisor on the floor finally Austin gets on the phone and states we can take $15 off and we will let the store manager(at the sprint store where i added the other line) know that the clerk who helped me didnt give me all of the information and he would be reprimanded. Which doesnt help me with this $225.00 bill. Austin then suggest a payment plan. I dont have money to give to sprint for something that i dont use. I then said give me the # to corporate headquarters well as you can see there is no number this is why Iam making the complaint on this text Thanks sprint for not caring for loyal customers i am going to another phone service so they can buy this contract Thank you for talking with a human being !!!!!!! you guys SUCKS!!!!!

  3. Michele Walker

    I also asked for the phone number to Sprint Headquarters and Austin stated i dont have to call corporate because they were going to say the same thing. That is very discouraging for the customer service supervisor to speak on behalf of some one in the corporate office This REALLY SUCKS FOR SPRINT AND MORE SO FOR CUSTOMERS!!!! Thanks again sprint

  4. Bobbye Latham

    WELL I can tell we all are going through the same thing. I also asked for corporates number and got a bogus number. I have been on the phone with sprint for days to have a number of different things told to me. NO ONE is on the same page. So sad that a company would allow their employees to be so non educated and also told them to pull the call to what I was told, they apologized and said the employee would be reprimanded. Funny the employee being reprimanded doesn’t fix my issue. And now when I want to discontinue my service they want to charge me to pay off my lease on my phones, how funny is that. You would think that Sprint Corporate would read these complaints and try to fix them. Maybe we should all just go to the Media and call them out on their non consistent employees

  5. Mary

    Well it’s like this……qualified for upgrade. Had phone mailed to me from Sprint. Had it activated at a Sprint store. They told me I qualified for $600 worth of free stuff only that day. 4 times I said I was not interested..they pushed and I finally agreed, AS LONG AS IT WAS FREE!! I also stated that I wanted to keep THE EXACT same plan as I have had for many years. I was told repeatedly on the phone (3 separate people) and in-store that NOTHING WOULD CHANGE!!! So I receive my phone bill…..have done nothing different, and my bill was over $700!!!! I called and spoke to many people, all giving different information from Manila to the US. They told me nothing had changed! Eventually I decided to get a Global Plan, (even though the plan I had for many years, with an average bill of $198.00, which included 2 phones, one which no longer is used and off the plan) as they told me NOW I was using too much data and needed to turn it off, and so on. I NEVER had the problem before BUT with the new phone and the OLD plan that was carried-over I now need to revamp everything to keep the same rates. So I did, and part of the deal was that outside of the US data and text free, but $.20 per min per call. I agreed, repeated everything back, and the next month another bill for $724. Well the FTC will hear about the unethical practice of THIS particular phone company. AFTER ALL, I have been told repeatedly what a valuable customer I am and they are here to help me. I can no longer afford my phone, and ALL I did was get A NEW PHONE!!!!

  6. Joining the complaints.. not that anyone reads these. I assume they are only to relieve frustration.

    Have tried for two days to order my son a new phone. We are working out of the country and have been on Skype for over 7 hours trying too get someone in the Santa Fe, NM store to answer the phone. Ironic, huh? Phone store can’t answer the phone.

    Called Corporate, called Customer Service…they couldn’t get anyone to answer the phone.

    Authorization to purchase the phone is in the system but the store refuses to sell my son the phone. His phone doesn’t work. Our phones don’t work because we are outside the US. Santa Fe store doesn’t answer the phone. Catch 22?

    Just FYI everyone. Verizon has been purchased by an Italian and DOES work outside the USA without abusive, monumental charges.

    As an aside, we are 15 year “valued” Sprint customers

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