Sprint Corporate Headquarters HQ

Sprint Corporate Headquarters HQ – customer service number, toll free helpline number and 1800 customer support phone number and contact information is given here with the postal and mailing address. Here, the customers can also get the additional information, contact detail and 24 hours toll free customer service numbers related to Sprint products and services.

If you are looking Sprint Corporate headquarters office address and customer service phone number of Sprint. So, as this page, we are providing the full contact details of Sprint USA with the useful information including Sprint phone numbers, fax numbers, email address, website and related information.

Sprint Corporate Headquarters Contact Details

For any issues and problems regarding Sprint products and services, you can visit or write to the head office of the company listed below.

Sprint Corporate Head Office Address:

Sprint Corporation Headquarters,

6200 Sprint Parkway, Overland Park,

KS 66251, United States

Sprint Corporate Head Office Phone Number: +1-888-211-4727, +1-913-624-6000, +1-800-829-0965

Sprint Corporate Head Office Fax Number: N/A

Sprint Customer Service Contact Information and Details

For general information, help, complaints questions concerning Sprint products and services, the customers can call at the customer service department by using following contact details.

Sprint USA Customer Service Helpline Number:

+1-866-275-1411 for general information and support

Sprint Customer Service Phone Numbers:

+1-866-866-7509 for Order and Sales information

Sprint Personal Wireless Customer Service Number:


Sprint Wireline and Landline Customer Service Number:

+1-800-366-2255 for Make a Sprint FonCard, +1-800-366-0707 for Refresh a Sprint Prepaid Card, and +1-877-877-8748 for wireline customer service.

Sprint Business Customer service Number:

+1-800-927-2199 for account questions, +1-866-805-9890 for one to four employees, +1-866-313-6672 for above five employees, +1-866-653-1056 for Converged wireline and wireless, +1-866-653-1056 for Internet connectivity, +1-866-653-1056 for VOIP and Managed Services.

Sprint International Customer Support Number:

+1-888-226-7212 for U.S., Puerto Rico, and U.S. Virgin Islands,   +1-817-698-4199 while traveling abroad, and +1-817-698-4199 toll free customer service number available from other countries.

Sprint Payments Address and Information:

Sprint Pay by phone: Dial *3 from your Sprint phone.

Sprint Bill Pay through Your Bank: Sprint, PO Box 4191, Carol Stream, IL 60197-4191, United States

Sprint Pay by Mail: Sprint, PO Box 4191, Carol Stream, IL 60197-4191, United States

Sprint Inc. Official Website: www.sprint.com

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  1. Jerome

    I purchased a gear s3 watch in Dec 2016 based on it being advertised as a watch that can stand alone and function (make calls and send texts) without the phone. I noticed that AT&T, Verizon, and even T-Mobile gear s3 watches do this. After a few months of having the watch I contacted Sprint about if my gear s3 frontier watch had the stand alone feature as they advertised because I was not finding it on my watch. The Sprint representative told me they stopped adding that feature way back when the gear s2 came out. They basically tricked me at the store telling me that the gear s3 frontier has the features as advertised only to later find out that it doesn’t. I basically have a watch that I could have got from Wal-Mart for 20 bucks because the gear s3 with no stand alone function is just a normal watch. Ready to leave Sprint asap and go to a carrier that honors contracts with no deceptions or hidden clauses. I do not want a corporate general answer from Sprint talking about “we are sorry to hear that and we take pride in taking care of our customers”, I want someone from corporate to contact me IMMEDIATELY to resolve this issue! I am not paying 30 dollars a month for a watch that does not have all the features as advertised!

  2. Daniel moravek

    Someone please help me. A few months ago I went to the sprint store to get a new phone. They let me know that I could upgrade my plan and add a tablet for a lot cheaper than I was paying atm. I was at around 260 a month and the new plan with the tablet would be at 186 plus taxes surcharges and fees. Wow what a great deal. I jumped at the chance. When I got my bill next month it was for over 400$ something wasn’t put in right the reduced cost of the tablet hadn’t started yet. It got reduced to 379$ and I was told not to worry, a large part of that would roll over and that I realy wasn’t eligible to get the plan we talked about that month yet. Don’t worry we fixed it. The math is sound your bill looks like it will be 208 after everything next month not counting the roll overs you should see. But you have to pay the extra money this month. Sigh.. OK. But we are good next month right. Oh yes for sure. It wasn’t. Next month the exact thing happened once more. I went back to sprint they did the math and told me that something wasn’t put in right. But it’s fixed and the rollover should start right away. It didn’t. I. Went back inside once more. They told me I still wasn’t eligible for the plan that I was great for a few months back, but everything should be good next month. It is all fixed. The roll over should start this month and the plan should be good now. I got my bill it is for 315$. That is over 100$ more than I was told for 3 months. I am feeling like there is no rollover there is no discount for the different plan. Heck if I would have just got a new phone and payed cash for it and kept the same plan I would have saved money over trusting 4 reps at sprint to keep me in the loop to save me money and get a better plan. I have been with you all over 15 years. I trust you when it comes down to what to do with sprint same as I trust my doctors and my dentist.. I feel deceived used and lied to please help me

  3. maria m

    I have been a Verizon wireless customer for about 10yrs. But decided to switch over to Sprint on a family plan to save money. Our Sprint representative (the store) seemed to be very helpful and knowledgeable. I was still under contract with Verizon X2 phones. A total of about $480.00. Now I did take a lil longer to turn in the final bill and 1 phone. But was assured that I had a 60 day window. Before that cut off my daughter went and turned in phone/bill. One month later I call the gentleman. HE SAYS it take a lil longer since it was turned in later. Still in the process. He sounded a lil shady but gave him the benefit of the doubt. I called him again 1 month after that call because Verizon has not received the buy out payment. He totally acted like I was crazy and that we didn’t turn in the bill!That is was all my fault!.I got furious and said I was going to contact corporate and he said, “fine”. My husband called Sprint and was told we could not do anything and that the two phones were not turned in. He kept them!! Probably sold them off the market!! how dishonest!! Now, I am stuck with a huge bill from Verizon and his horrible behavior has left me with a sour taste in my mouth. Feeling so deceived.Any ideas on how to go fourth with this would be appreciated! Thank you!!

  4. Victor Podis

    It took two days to port my number in the beginning. The employee discount I was promised and the bill was $10 higher than quoted. Representatives made two different discount promises, neither being the one promised, and one being confirmed to be false. I canceled the service, but they would not port my number saying I owed an outrageous balance. I have been 3 days without service due to representatives failing to uphold promises to help. Please avoid a terrible experience by avoiding Sprint. I have never had so many people lie to me and hang up on me.

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