eBay Inc Corporate Headquarters HQ

eBay Inc Corporate Headquarters HQ – office locations, head office address, telephone number, fax number, official website, corporate contact number, email id and other contact information is given here with the payment, postal and mailing office address of eBay Inc.

Here, the customers can also get the additional contact details of eBay Inc. including eBay Inc. 24 hours toll free customer service numbers, toll free helpline numbers and 1800 customer support phone number with the reference of official website.

If you are looking EBay Inc. Corporate headquarters office address and corporate head office address of EBay Inc. So, as this page, we are providing the full contact information and details of EBay Inc USA with the useful and official page links. Apart from this, as this article we are also sharing most important user friendly page links of the company with the Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and other social media website links.

EBay Inc Corporate Headquarters Contact Details

For any issues and problems regarding EBay Inc products and services, you can visit or write to the head office of the company listed below. For all other information, feedback, questions and comments related to eBay Inc products and services, the customers can contact at one of the following options listed below.

EBay Inc Customer Service Phone Numbers

EBay Inc Corporate Head Office Address:

eBay Inc. Headquarters Address,

2065 Hamilton Avenue San Jose,

California 95125, United States

EBay Inc Corporate Head Office Phone Number: +1-800-322-9266, +1-408-376-7400

EBay Inc Corporate Head Office Fax Number: N/A

eBay Park North Office Address:

2211 North First Street San Jose,

CA 95131, United States

Official Social Page Links of eBay Inc Corporate:

eBay Inc Official Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/ebayinc

eBay Inc Official Twitter Page: http://www.twitter.com/ebayinc

eBay Inc Official YouTube Page: https://www.youtube.com/user/ebayinc

eBay Inc Official LinkedIn‎ Page: https://www.linkedin.com/company/ebay

eBay Inc Official Google Plus Page: https://plus.google.com/+ebayinc/

EBay Inc Inc. Official Website: www.ebayinc.com

Comments (14)

  1. Ricky Minnifield

    I have had way more success than failures with eBay but their customer service is full of manure to say the least. Case in point, I failed to keep my ebay card and after canceling a purchase seller refunded but nothing but false information from customer service. For instance, gift card number will be sent to your eBay message in 24 hours but did not receive, then told 72 hours, then told 2 weeks. All of these were different calls. Five days after two weeks information still no gift card number. Now being told an additional 2 weeks but can’t send to ebay message mail although each time was told check eBay mail messages. I’m so like REALLY! Is eBay customer service trying to be the Bernie Madoff of customer services?

  2. Barry Dolloff

    I’m done with ecrap fees are to much.

  3. Melvin valerio

    Be carefully ebay gift card buyers !!! Do not believe what they say about sending your complete money back to you, if you do not buy the item, it is a scam, they charge you $ 70 per gift card, and your money will take a few days to get it back, if you get it, I am still waiting after 4 days they said I will get it, they also block your phone number so when you call, you will never get an answer, the name of the person on ebay I talked to, is Michael, phone # 1866 416 6708, at financial Department, I will go to police to make the report next Monday 11/28/16 if I do not see my $1,500 complete on my bank account., BECAREFULL …I will Olson call headquarters in California to report this person

  4. Sanjeev Choudhary

    Dear All,
    Ebay team not resolve my problem.i have purchase one NEW SAMSUNG LED,LED was already used and damaged .i had raise the complaint against this product on 10 oct 2016 and ebay collect the product on 28.10.2016 but still my claim not refund .any body help on this??????

  5. Alex

    Have unresolved case stuck between ebay.com and ebay.de. ebay.de does not reply, ebay.com has no authority in the matter. I am stuck and need to contact ebay head office. Any ideas?

  6. Justin Blackman

    I am a seller on Ebay and leaving for vacation . My settings in the store are set to block all buy it now auctions while I am away

    Ebay is still showing my items! I have called customer service 5 times and one
    employee acts dumber than the other then they don’t answer you and want to transfer you all over the place

    People don’t pay attention to the little note saying the seller is away that is why there is a
    option to check to block and hide auctions that are buy it now.

    5 customer service reps and not one capable of contacting their IT dept

    I am posting I will not be responsible and have advised my attorney to file suit if Ebay
    keeps these auctions showing and does not abide by my vacation settings
    This is just a ploy to get more fees

    I will be away until 1/5/17 and if any item sells because Ebay refuses to block and hide the buy it now auctions I will advise my attorney to sue

    I suggest you stop upsetting your store owners and get your site working properly

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