Carsons Customer Service Number, Corporate Headquarters HQ

Carsons Customer Service Number, Corporate Headquarters HQ – helpline number, email id, website, corporate head office address and other contact details are given below. Here, the customers can also get the complete contact information of Carsons including support phone number with opening hours, mailing or postal office address.

As this article, we are sharing Carsons customer service phone number and toll free helpline number of Carsons with the useful information like telephone numbers, fax numbers, contact support numbers, etc.

The customers are often searching address and contact information of Carsons around various sources and platforms. As this article, we are providing the full contact details of Carsons for you with the useful information including Carsons contact number, headquarters office address, email ID, official Facebook and Twitter page with reference of official website and other reliable sources.

Carsons Customer Service Contact Details

For general information, support, complaints or questions related to Carsons products and services including tracking a package, shipping, My Account, search, technical support and other online shopping questions, you can contact one of the following contact support phone number and address.

Carsons Customer Service Phone Number: 1-800-233-7626

For online orders, shipping and delivery questions about Carsons, kindly call at the Carsons 24X7 customer support number or customer service helpline number of Carsons. You can also get the information concerning your order or to get an answer prior to placing an order through this number.

Carsons Online Shopping Toll Free Number: 1-800-945-4438

For any help and support regarding Carsons online shopping, gift purchasing, merchandise questions and other related assistance, please call at the above number.

Carsons Credit Card Customer Service Number: 1-800-942-0739, 1-855-567-7739 (TDD/TTY: 1-800-695-1788).

For information, help and enquires related to Carsons Credit Cards, the customers can call at the above maintained phone number of Carsons Credit Card.

Carsons Customer Service Email ID:

You can also submit your question or comment by completing the form below through the customer service form:

Carsons Mailing and Postal Address:

Carsons Corporate Office and Headquarters Address,

The Bon-Ton Stores, Inc., Investor Relations

2801 East Market Street, York,

PA 17402, United States

Email: [email protected]

Quick Links of Carsons Customer Service and Support:

Carsons Official Website:

Note: The corporate headquarters and mailing office address, customer service phone number, email and postal address of Carsons customer service center and Carsons customer support number is listed above. The contact phone number of Carsons customer service number may or may not be toll free.

Comments (5)

  1. kristine metoyer

    I am writing regarding the Bloomingdale, Ill location. I tried shopping at your store yesterday. I was approaching shoes , when the fine jewelry sales lady (Rosemary I believe) stopped me to ask about my shopping and pressuring me to open a card with her because she gets credit..ya. ok.

    I went to shoes, and looked around. I left there was nobody available, and when one was they were ringing up clothing taking forever due to coupon dispute.

    I went in mall and returned to your store. Looked at several items, and wanted to try several on. You had one young gal in shoes. After asking the people the typical do you want to open up a card, be on the email list, have coupons etc. I patiently sat down and waited. Then she began conversing with an African american lady employee holding clothes. Talking about the store and schedules. She walked away.

    I said excuse me, excuse me, excuse me miss can I see sizes. The African american lady heard me and came back around the corner, said yes. I said no, not you the shoe gal , I wanted to see some sizes. She said yes, don’t bother her she is leaving what do you need?? I told her, and she proceeded to go back to the counter and converse with the young gal further on schedule etc. etc. Pretending like she checked for sizes , she returned and said no we don’t have them.

    Then an Indian guy came as I was trying on display samples, loudly saying to the African american lady, I have a ton of stuff for you to get done. I was again waiting until they were done in conversation to ask for sizes. He told her, and proceeded about a favor and how he needed Friday pm covered due to someone being on maternity leave, the lady said she was on vacation , and maybe the following weeks etc..etc..if he was manager or dept head he never even acknowledged me.

    After several..I mean several minutes of being ignored and not having assistance. I left your store, again..without purchasing anything. Why write now? Because I live close, and I always give your store the possibility of improving customer service, but from shoes to clothes to purses your employees complain and ignore customers, making us feel like we are a bother to be in the store.

    Do you ever go in as a customer? Listen around you, and look and see. There is nobody working, no registers open and the ones who are there are talking and complaining in a huddle.

    I go to a different location. It is really disgusting that you pay people for this.

  2. Susan

    I totally agree. You can’t find good customer service anymore. I must admit tho, that the girls at the Randhurst store ARE very helpful, however, they are required to do everything. It is almost impossible for one or two people to take care of the customers, clean fitting rooms, take payments, deal with customers complaints, open credit cards and endlessly recite which coupons will work on which items. There is hardly any merchandise on the selling floor because the women can’t keep up with the mountain of clothes that need to be put away on a daily basis. Most days there is only one on the floor at a time. I know they don’t get paid nearly enough and I can understand their frustration. There is a lack of disrespect from both sides. Have you seen how these customers treat the employees and the merchandise???? Let me tell you…. THE CUSTOMER IS NOT ALWAYS RIGHT!!

  3. Rochelle Echols

    The Carsons in North Riverside Illinois Womens Restroom is/was absolutely disguisting. I visited this store on 11-10-2016. I had to ask another customer who happened to be in the resroom to please pass me some tissue. None of the tissue were in the stalls where they should have been. Fecal matter was smeared all over the toilet and walls in one stall. The floors were dirty and littered with loose tissue. Floors needes to be swept and mopped. Custodial services apparantly arent exer cised at this location. Nothing worse than spending your money somewhere and not being able to go to a clean laboratory. Absolutely disguisting.

    • Clay Beardmore

      I have worked MANY janitorial service crews and have NEVER saw a Men’s Room messier or more disgusting than ANY Women’s Room. Makes you wonder what their home looks like.

  4. Nancy Macaluso

    Every time I visit Lincoln Mall, Matteson, IL I regret it. Christmas shopping was especially frustrating at this store. One cashier (3 registers). No one at any other checkout. Went to nearby Coach counter, associate was chatting with a young man and said she couldn’t check anyone out if she had Coach bags out. Instead of chatting she could have locked up the 3 bags and helped out. I returned a few days later, same woman, same 3 bags out. I think that was intentional. One associate at shoes so I left. No associate at jewelry except high end. Asked for manager several times and was told she will tell me it is what it is. Very hot while waiting. Will shop online only

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